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Role that Love plays in A Letter From an Unknown Woman (Essay Sample)


Here are some possible essay questions. Choose one. You are allowed to come up with your own question, but be sure to clear it with me first. Essays should be around five pages (not including the bibliography). As with the essay samples that I have included on Brightspace, you do not need a title-page; instead, you just need to include your name, your studentnumber, the course number, my name, your TA’s name, and the date in thetop right hand corner of the first page. Your essay should have a title that reflects not only your topic but your argument about that topic; an introductory paragraph that introduces your topic, suggests how it will be approached in regards to the text, and closes with a clear and specific thesisstatement; supporting paragraphs organized around points that support your thesis and that open with a strong topic sentence; specific evidence from the primary text itself; and a strong conclusion that reinforces your thesis and suggests something about its wider implications. The essay samples on Brightspace are very clear in regards to what I am looking for, so be sure to look over these before and while writing. Be specific, be organized, and be sure to make good use of the text when making your case. When it comes to quoting from the text, be sure to comment on the quotes you use and incorporate them into your larger argument. If you have any questions while writing your essay, or if you would like me to look over a draft of your essay, please let me know.


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The Role that Love plays in A Letter From an Unknown Woman and one of the other short stories by Zweig
In the stories, A Letter from an Unknown Woman, A Story Told in Twilight, The Debt Paid Late, and Forgotten Dreams, by Stefan Zweig, love plays a vital role as one of the predominant themes. With specific reference to A Letter from an Unknown Woman and A Story Told in Twilight, the stories center on the theme of the power of first love. There are different, but intriguing, contexts in which the encounter between the individuals creates a romantic love attraction, how the feelings mutually develop, and the fate of the relationship.
The Power of First Love in “A Letter from an Unknown Woman”
In “A Letter from Unknown Woman,” the power of first love is evident as a woman, dying of flu, sends a letter to the one and only man she confesses as having had loved all her entire life, a man who surprisingly would not know or recognize her from a stranger should she be in the street. The woman warns that should the man receive the letter, then it means she is dead, otherwise, the letter would irrevocably be torn up. The woman describes the first time the two met was when she was still merely a young girl aged 13 years. The second time they met was when she was aged 18 years. The final time they met was several years later when the man was unable to recognize her, and he would occasionally pay for some evening of her time working as a prostitute (Zweig 61).

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