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Right of Death and Power over Life Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Read RIGHT OF DEATH AND POWER OVER LIFE of Michel Foucault, and watch The Night Of---"Samson and Delilah" (Episode 6) (find it on HBO or other website, just MAKE SURE you watch it). You are required to write two sentences. These two sentences are to be a thesis
statement that must follow these guidelines:
 It must address an idea from Foucault's “Right of Death and Power Over Life” that can be
applied to The Night Of (see “Tips” below).
 It must be structured in such a way that it would be a logical conclusion to an introduction
and would also serve as an argument for a future essay.
 Please follow the discussion that we had in class about thesis statements—be sure to
reference the handout that is provided.
LENGTH AND FORMAT: 2 sentences, about 200 words.


Right of Death and Power over Life
Thesis Statement
Naz is seen to hold the right over death and power over life, he is seen to easily change from a seemingly calm person to extremely violent when provoked; in the first chapter, Right of Death and Power over Life is a concept that refers to the ability to preserve or doom a life; the ability to give and take life as a sovereign power common during the Roman Empire; the roman royalty family had the power to preserve life; this is relative to the fact that, they had the ability of refraining to send someone to their death in the case of a danger to the royalty, by simply not taking the choice to force someone to lay down their li

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