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Rhetorical analysis of Kid Kustomers (Essay Sample)

I need the introduction includes Thesis in (17hours) from now( 2 pm )you need to read file that i insert first) and on the first draft before 1pm on 15th july. The final draft before 20th July. This essay related to the ariticle \\\\\\\"kid kustomers\\\\\\\" from the book. i will insert 2 files , first is Kid kustomer, second is information about this essay. Thank you for helping me:) i hope,i will get good grade because of you source..
Supitcha Jariyanurakkul English 101 Wycoff Corrina 7/22/13 Rhetorical analysis of Kid Kustomers Eric Schlosser the author of the article Kid Kustomers, bring to light the kinds of ills that advertising companies are bringing to the average parent by targeting their children. In his article, Schlosser is quick to let the readers know how the companies are ripping off parents. A close analysis of the article Kid Kustomers reveals the way companies are now taking advantage of the children to market their brands to the parents and creating long-term customers for the future of these brands. From the first paragraph the writer starts us off with the narration of the past and how we got we are today, helping the readers identify with the content of his article and the underlying context he wishes to pass along. “Twenty-five years ago, only a handful of American companies directed their marketing at children-Disney, McDonald’s, candy makers, toy makers, and manufacturers of breakfast cereals. Today are being targeted by phone companies, oil companies and automobile companies as well as the clothing stores and restaurant chains’’ (Schlosser 353). Schlosser goes on to inform the reader that this trend started off in the 80s, where since most of the parents were now spending much less time with their kids, were now driven to spend more money instead on their kids to compensate for their absence in their kids’ lives. Eventually the marketing companies realized it was much easier to target the parents using their kids, which is the current today. It is thus common for even the most unlikely advertisement such as the oil companies to use the kids to get to the dollars in the parents pockets, since the parents have a soft spot for their kids’ happiness. The other modes of development that the writer has widely used in the piece are, cause and effect. This modes are very vivid although the article and they help the author get through the reader while he trie...
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