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Review of partners essay (Essay Sample)

Homework Writing Assignment (1200 words): “Freirean Interpretation of My Partner's Story” Re-read your partner's story closely with Freire in mind. Look especially for moments and passages in the story that you can interpret from a Freirean perspective. Use the key terms and concepts we've discussed in class to help you “read” your partner's experience through Freire's eyes. This will give you the distance you need to interpret your partner's schooling experience from a critical perspective. Quoting key passages from Freire's essay will help you illustrate your position in concrete terms and add texture and depth to your reading. Think of quotation in this sense as a conversation between you and Freire about how best to interpret your partner's experience. You will need to incorporate at least two close readings of block quotations from Freire's text. The terms and passages that you select from Freire's essay will help determine the general arc of your essay and guide its development. ( ) < --- this is Freires essay . and my partner wrote essay based on this . Also Im attaching my partners essay that you need to ready . source..

Freire has been quoted as the core influential intellectuals mainly in the subject of education during the 20th century. POTO, his currently quoted educational texts and his ideas have continued to manipulate so many tutors in different aspects throughout the globe. The most paramount aspect of reflect is in philosophy. It takes this encouragement from the philosophy of Freire Paulo, who is one of the Brazilian educators whose ideas have had impacts on many academic disciplines. Freire was so much anxious with literacy learning meaning reading and writing. However, for reflect and other transformative models of learning, it has a wider meaning on numeracy, diagrams, ICT and more. His concern in literacy can help men and women overcome their powerlessness and, the oppressed could transform their daily situations by thinking more critically about reality then take appropriate actions. He also believed that the education system has played a role in maintaining the "oppressed" hence advocated in his book that it had to be reformed so that things could be easy for the oppressed.
Relating Paulo`s philosophy with this particular student, the student should embark on a process of transformation. The teacher in this case should focus on moving syllabus, pedagogy and teaching towards a goal of emphasizing social justice in the classrooms and also try to include the et...
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