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Response On The Fish By Elizabeth Bishop (Essay Sample)


Contains topic sentence stating subject & focus

  • avoids plot summary
  • is unified, follows stated purpose
  • is coherent, ideas are related, uses transitions
  • reveals depth of thought and critical thinking
  • expresses a genuine point of view in your own voice
  • is clear and grammatically correct (essentially error-free)
  • has concluding sentence that conveys a sense of resolution

When fishing what is one's expectation when having a catch? You will be excited about how it looks like, how big it is, how good it is maybe for a sumptuous meal, and how much effort you need to exert in order for that catch to be successful. It is meant to fight for its life to be free from the hook and go back to the waters, whether it is a big fish or a small one. When it is an unusual catch you tend to look into its unusual and amazing features, you tend to admire some, but you will not like some. Our experiences in life taught us to value each day, some of us had a lot of dreams that we believe we need to achieve at a particular time we set for it. Yes, it's true, were not getting any younger every day we have life experiences, some of it will build us to be st

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