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How does religion effect Jay & Paul’s sexuality & way of living (Essay Sample)


Use the novel no safeguards by Nigel H. Thomas
Must write an outline before starting the essay exactly as follows:
An outline should be 1.5 to 2 pages in length, all double-spaced, and contain the following information only:
Thesis statement
Topic sentences for development paragraph
Relevant quotations for each paragraph of development


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Course Title
The Impact of Religion on Jay and Paul’s Sexuality and Way of Living
Thesis: A sense of personal identity and social inclusion influence one’s level of self-actualization, but some religious beliefs work against the achievement.
Topic Sentences:
A: Religious beliefs affect an individual’s sense of identity, which negatively impacts their self-actualization. In the story, Jay and Paul strive to identify as gay men due to the negative image the sexual orientation from the Christianity perception.
B. Fundamentalist Christian beliefs can lead to social isolation, which is a barrier to self-actualization. People are social beings and they need each other to actualize their dreams. However, religious beliefs can drive some people to social isolation due to the conviction that they are sinners.
Relevant Quotations:

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