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Religion: Divergent Opinions On Scientific Evidence (Essay Sample)


I have the things on a website. www(dot)commonapp(dot)org/whats-appening/application-updates/2018-2019-common-application-essay-prompts I want to choose number 6. It's a college essay.


Religion has always been an interesting topic to me. It is one of the most controversial topics in the world and I have lost track of the times I have had questions regarding it and end up having lacking appropriate answers. Everyone seems to believe that their religion is superior and that possibly all the other religions are false. All religions have different annotations to their deity and there seems to be a defined way for each of its members to follow. For the Christians, it is Jesus who is the son of God, for the Muslims it is Allah and his prophet, the Buddhists have Buddha and several gods of respective things. To understand why these religions make me rather confused and engrossed to find correct answers upon where I can form an informed opinion on which one of them I should join, here are few issues that are defined, termed and approached differently at least from the perspective of the main religions in the world.
Religion has been an underlying issue that has caused violence in the world since the inception of human civilization. People have believed in different ideas, beliefs, opinions and they fought to assert their dominance. Historically, the powerful religions or religious leaders have ordered, witnessed or caused conflict against those who hold different worldviews from their own especially regarding faith. Some, like the catholic church leadership have denied some scientifically proven concepts such as heliocentrism until recently when science proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the earth orbits around the sun and not vice versa. Most religions continue to hold very divergent opinions on issues supported by scientific evidence such as global warming, use of contraception etc. because of their myopic perspective on these issues. Religion seems to overlook science and clings to very impractical opinions about the world based on blind adherence to their teachings. They often seek to assert their dogma on other people or excommunicate those with different opinions from their community. These issues on nature and

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