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Relationship between human and beast Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on this question: What is the relationship between human and beast? What makes a human human?
1. writing requirements: (1) It has a clearly defined purpose; (2) It makes a clear point; (3) It supports that point with sufficient specific information; (4) The information is clearly connected and arranged; and (5) The words are appropriate, and the sentences are clear, concise, emphatic, and correct.
2. Use only 8.5x11 sized paper and staple the package on the upper left corner. On the upper right corner of the 1st page, please clearly indicate your name, your serial # given in this class, class info, kind of assignment, title of your work, and due date.


The Relationship between Human and Beast
Humans have a long history of relationships with beasts to trigger the current debates on what makes humans human. From a biological and evolutionary standpoint, both humans and beasts originate from the kingdom Animalia. The relationship is, however, considered deeper than what biology dictates. The debate, however, is anchored on the differences between humans and beasts. To some, any close relationships between the two factions should deliver similar behavioral structures. Countering arguments have been based on how humans are dissociating their nature from beasts to machines. With all such inputs, the debate must be settled on what makes humans count as humans and not beasts. This paper explores the relationship between humans and beasts with an insightful analysis of what makes humans to be considered humans.
The Relationship
The relationship between humans and beasts has been linked to the interactions between the two factions. Studies indicate that human-beast relationships exist at the biological, individual, and cultural levels. At the scientific/natural level, humans and beasts are descendants of the same kingdom, the kingdom Animalia (Menna et al., 3660). By sharing origin, humans and beasts share characteristics. One aspect of similarity between humans and beasts is that they share similar social skills. Social interactions are essential to humans. Most humans believe that their difference from beasts is primarily based on their ability to choose their social lives. That is not correct because beasts showcase similar social skills as humans. Dogs, for instance, have genes that mirror those of humans when it comes to social interactions. Like humans, dogs can choose and pick their social groups according to their preferences.

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