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Reflection On Philosophy: Fruitful Interaction (Essay Sample)



So far this semester, you’ve worked on multiple ways to analyze an argument: how to examine it closely, identify and describe its constituent parts, and describe how it works. You will combine those skills when composing your first major essay. This project asks you to make an argument about another author s argument. You are analyzing and interpreting, so your argument will be descriptive rather than critical; that is, you will state what the argument says and how it makes its claims rather than how good or effective it is. Nevertheless, you are still making an argument. You will justify the claims you make about the author’s major conclusion and how s/he tries to make that argument persuasive.

Task Overview

First, choose one (1) essay from our reading list that you'd like to write about (Murray, Fadiman, Alexie, Steinem, or Ross). Then, apply our class heuristics for reading argument. What is the major conclusion? How does the author support that conclusion? Remember that assumptions and implicit connections can be as analytically important as explicit statements.

Next, draft your argument where you name the author’s major conclusion and offer evidence as to why your interpretation of the major conclusion is correct. In writing your own argument you will likely need to “creatively destroy” the author’s argument. It is acceptable and even likely you will need to create a completely different order to your essay than the author used in his/hers.

Once drafted, as a class we will use small group peer review and whole class writing workshops to test your interpretation’s persuasiveness, clarity, and thoroughness.


Reflection on Philosophy
Section I: Data
Before I began my course on philosophy, I perceived writing as a mere process of handling essays and work assignments so long as one answers the questions correctly as per the instructions. Philosophy course has greatly changed my perceptions. Therefore, I perceive writing philosophy as an important aspect of writing as it enables a person to synthesize and gain a better understanding of the subjects. I value writing process, especially following the best outlines and a way that helps me express myself through communication and fruitful interaction.
I usually engage in the writing process and focus a lot on following outlines, followed by provision of facts in relation to the points of the discussion. Besides, I usually embrace the best language that helps me connect with the audience who continuously get interested in various essay papers that I have always provided. Therefore, the two concepts help me develop great works of writing. Separately, I value writing now and for future endeavors, especially in communication. Personally, I believe that writing is an essential tool for expression as well as for documentation of important events. Besides, it is an opportunity for me to be creative and express my beliefs, personalities and express my ideas. I usually get and express my feelings of the world through the power of words. Furthermore, I get encouraged when the audiences are able to comprehend what I see or feel with respect to the topic and the world as a whole.
As a writer, I have gained a lot of writing skills and gauge myself as eight out of ten. However, that is not my best hence I strive to achieve high goals. Nevertheless, I find myself as a detailer in all essays and research papers that I do. All the papers I provide have many details provided in a simple and comprehensive way for the readers. I usually read a lot in class and read research work, essays and another project as well as doing assignments. Such endeavors have usually challenged my perception as a writer. Previously, I was a diligent note-taker and never missed a notebook for scribbling ideas and overheard conversations with no inspiration.
In most cases, I take writing as a field that gives a person a challenge and an opportunity to improve his or her skills. Sometimes, I lack ideas on a given topic and my solution is usually reading a lot. I have an open mind when reading an article and grasp on new ideas that contribute to the subjects I write upon. Besides, reading the research works and class works enables me to improve the productivity and gain confidence in my skills and what I am worth. Furthermore, reading makes me realize that I should continuously learn new ideas, remain informative at the top notch and relevance in subjects besides focusing on the quality of the papers that I produce. Even though I have not reached the novice scholar, reading enables me to gain much experience in writing numerous topics and items such as essays, poems, articles and blogs among others.
I attended a pre-college summer workshop that made me explore various writing techniques to help me find and develop a unique voice and style as a writer. I participated in informal and unstructured writing exercises to develop my trust on the voice in a comfortable atmosphere. Currently, I greatly benefit from such pre-college lessons , especially identifying a unique voice and thoroughly proofreading all my assignments. Such keenness in handling the papers will still help me develop my career and ensure that I deliver quality assignments.
Lastly, I have been able to handle all my criticism positively instead of giving up. I usually suck up the non-constructive criticism as well as wor...

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