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Personal Reflection: Tent Overlooking Mara Plains In Kenya (Essay Sample)


Please follow the below instructions. My hobby is Traveling. I've been mostly to Europe. Most importantly mention LONDON. I like traveling and I would advise others to travel in order to meet new people and learn about diverse cultures,,,,add to that plz.
Write a short paper (500-700 words) describing your interest in a particular sport, hobby or other activity and the advice you would give to others who might like to follow your example.
You can refer to the article by Rachel Toor The Habit of writing" for ideas, though you should not model your essay exactly on hers. You should first describe why and how you began to participate in the activity and then say how you have tried to achieve success in it. You should refer to the commi ment and discipline needed (time management, regular practice, etc.) as relevant. Try to use details and personal examples to make the essay a true reflection ofyour experience. As well as describing your own involvement in the activity, you should use your experience to inform and make suggestions to your readers.


The last Monday of July last year I woke up in a tent overlooking Mara plains in Kenya. It is the same day I had to board my flight back to London to attend a youth conference meeting in downtown London the following day. I had postponed my flight to catch a glimpse of the spectacular historic wildebeest migration in East Africa. There is something oddly satisfying about seeing the food chain at full speed turning a river red with blood as millions of animals strive to survive. Since my arrival in the camp, no migration had taken place as the animals were grouping on the other side of the bank before crossing. I lazily got out of the tent just in time to meet our tour guide who was eager to inform us they were expecting a crossing that day. I forgot about breakfast and rushed inside to collect my camera and jumped into the car and headed to the banks of Mara river. I was lucky to witness the magical spectacle of hundreds of thousands of animals diving right into a river filled with crocodiles. I even captured a few shots and got back into the city to catch my flight that evening with few minutes to spare.
My hobby is travelling. I have been mostly to Europe. I like travelling and I would advise others to travel to meet new people and learn about diverse cultures. Each trip has left an indelible mark in my memory. I reflect upon these experiences and document them to show them t

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