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English 131. Reflection of Frankenstein. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please use Frankentein the 1818 text as reference. Pay close attention to the instructions and make sure to include all the suggestions provided. Thank you.
Revision instructions :
All the instructions are alongside the paper. Please revised them and tried to get the grade to A-
Thank you for your hard work.


English 131
5 March 2020
Lack of care responsible for the tragic actions of the monster
When something goes wrong in society, individuals always try to establish the one who should be held accountable. This is the case in In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, which focuses primarily on the life of Victor, although there were other characters such as the parents of Victor and his colleagues as a scientist. A graduate of the University of Ingolstadt, he was known to be interested in physical sciences and aimed to create a new scientific invention by using both new and old experimental systems and applications. The outcome of the experiment is the creation of an ugly creature that scares people. Victor, instead of showing love and care to the creature, runs away from it. The members of society also treat the creature unfairly. Hence, the creature ends up doing evil actions because of the inability of Victor to provide it with the required care.
Victor Frankenstein makes an ugly humanoid and runs away from it. Once his mother dies of scarlet fever, Victor engages in scientific experiments to deal with his grief. He soon develops a technique to “bestow animation upon lifeless matter” (Shelly 54).

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