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Reflection on American Literature, Racism Conflicts (Essay Sample)


Remember, this is a personal essay, one in which you tell a personal story and reflect on it and its influence on your life.
Topic 3: Reflection on learning American literature
A reflective essay on this topic will entail the feelings and after one learns about American history. This may include the persuasion that made one to read or study American literature. My reflection in this essay may include the books I have read. I will pinpoint the main highlights of American culture during the period their corresponding books were written. I will capture how various issues in the past and present American society such as racism affects my view of an equal society. Finally, I will end the essay with a note on how the issues highlighted by the great American writers still relate to modern society.

Reflection on American Literature
America is one of the superior continents which is considered to be more powerful and dominated by racism conflicts. Besides that, it is a continent which has a rich history pertaining its political growth and advancement to be the way it is presently. The most paramount aspect which has been greatly linked with the American literature is the racism by the natives against the non-natives.
I was born in the late 20th century. At that time most American scholars had focused their scholarly works on the ongoing impunity in the American society and exposing racism and fights for power. From the streets where I was brought up, it was evident that whites were negligently distinguished from the blacks which created a rift between the societies. From such observation, this caught my attention and enthusiasm enticing me to find more information to pertaining racism and the fight for power within the American society. My interest was majored in the American literature. What pushed me more is my urge to learn and gain knowledge pertaining the way of life of the Americans. From the increased conflicts of the whites and the blacks, I did not like the views and the ideologies of the Native Americans about racism and power. Therefore, I wanted to find out the origin of racism and what pushed the people to hold on to such ideologies.
From the research published by the socialist worker union, they stated that the British colonizers were originally the initializer of the racism and fight for power within the northern America region. I realized that the rebellion within the colonists is what ignited the fight for power leading to the rise of the racism discrimination in the early 17th century. They stated in their work that racism is a human nature that existed, and it will always exist. Another assumption the Union advance is that racism comes from the people holding on onto bad ideologies which are too hard to change. To their perception as a union, they th...
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