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Racism: Ethnicity, Art and Film (Essay Sample)

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Racism can be defined in simple terms as the negative attitude towards other races based on their complexion, age, economic status, class of origin or the political stand. It is a behavior which has been there since the ancient times. This norm has been passed from generations and it has to be stopped through individuals, government and international agencies.
Some of the factors that contribute to the rise of the attitude can be categorized in to two parts namely; psychological and social factors. On psychological factors it is subdivided in to three main aspects which contribute largely to this behavior of racism. They include action oriented, cognitive and emotional factors. On the other hand of social factors the following aspects contribute to the norm: - they include socializing, economic competition and social norms (Grandine, 2001).
To start with psychological factors the first aspect is cognitive which entails the perception or reasoning of an individual or a group of people towards something or someone. Basing the arguments on racism, this may apply when some of the people from certain race think that they are more superior to others or the vice versa. This factor has led to certain group of individuals feel that they can rule others whether in schools, homes, places of work among other places. This perception is brought by superiority complex for instance in school whereby some students are thought to be clever than others, discriminating because one does have a huge student loan to pay and another one does or some students being awarded scholarship because they come from well-up families and others from minority society being denied(Grandine, 2001). Still on cognitive factor for instance Muslims are thought to be terrorists and therefore those countries which uphold strong Christian beliefs discriminate them.
It is also applicable in those other countries which are largely dominated by Muslims who belief that Christians are not good to interact with.
The second aspect in psychological factor is emotional aspect: - this is whereby individuals are discriminated on basis of either hunger, depression, embarrassment, hatred, jealous among others. A good example based on this aspect is when Adolf Hitler thought that Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes were the only people who were superior to the rest of the world`s races. He hated the rest of the people to an extent that he saw them as slaves. They included African, Indians, Jews and Israelites. He wanted to exclude them completely from German but on the other side he used them to build and establish economy of Germany by taking them as their slaves and laborers.
The third aspect is action oriented: - this is where individuals have exceptional lust to others. The perception that a certain race contributes to the differences in individual character or ability and that certain group...
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