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Puritan (Essay Sample)

Define some of the basic concepts of Puritan thought and culture. Explain how they operate in the work(s) of at least one author. Cite varied examples from the readings in MLA format in order to support your perspective. Additionally, one outside source is also required. Include a works cited page. The book we are using is The American Tradition in Literature Twelfth Edition. By George Perkins & Barbara Perkins. ISBN: 0-07-723904-0 source..
Date: 22, December 2010.
Puritans were important English protestant grouping in 16th and 17th century. The founders of Puritanism were the Marian migrants from the clergy after Elizabeth 1 of England. The larger population of puritans, who lived in America, had their origin in English. As the result, their culture had no difference to the Great Britain culture. The beliefs of their religion and the religion by itself can be considered part of one culture. They all followed in Calvin`s teachings and culture, For instance, the Separates believed that man was born when in sin; as a result, all of them bore the Adam and Eve guilt. They believed that for one to saved, he or she has to prove beyond doubt that he or she was worthy while here on earth first. For them to be worthy, they were to prosper, be much faithful, and lead a life that was much successful. In place of going away from the Church of England, they just looked, they looked upon ways of purifying it, as the church of Anglican was much influenced by the Catholic church, as an effect, they got the name puritans. Puritans looked forward in moving out from non-puritans. Originally, they wanted to get out of Great Britain, as they were not at all pleased with the manner in which non-puritans were worshipping with no much interference. The puritans who wanted to come up with commonwealth, which was much Godly, settled Massachusetts in the year 1630.
The puritans over the years developed two different schools of thought. There were these called Separatists and the rest known as the non-separatists. To the separatists used to consider each church as a different unit, which is much independent of any kind of outside forces. Meaning that, to them, outside bodies like Synods were not according to the scripture hence unnecessary. They did not acknowledge congregations subservient to organizations that were outside as real churches. They looked upon genuine Christians to withdraw totally from Anglican Church at all costs.
Non-separatists on their side concurred with separatists on the issue of necessity of hindering membership of churches to saints that were proved. However, they never condemned the Church of England. They believed that true Christians could and did remained in England church despite of its practices that were unscriptur...
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