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Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


The goal here is to be informative, not to be persuasive. I am not looking for you to take a stand or present your opinions on the topic; I am interested in the information you gather as well as how you present and analyze it.
Be thorough in your research, use a combination of quotes and paraphrases, all with proper citations, to present me with quality sources (remember the c.r.a.a.p. test?) that answer your question.
Carefully integrate the information from various sources with your own analysis, but not judgement.
A few more direct quotes.
Essay needs citations on all of sources.


Date due:
Pros and cons of standardized testing
A standardized test is an examination undertaken by students, its questions, format, instructions and scoring are consistently for all, thereby making it easy for comparison of performance and identification of levels of achievements of the said test takers (The Glossary of Education Reform). The process of standardized testing became part of the American education system in the 1800s. However, its high utilization began in 2002 after the No Child Left Behind Act was passed, which mandated conducting of annual tests in the fifty states. Heightened debates always surround this topic with both proponents and opponents of the practice justifying their stand. The essay will evaluate the pros and cons of standardized testing.
Proponents of standardized testing observe that it provides a reliable and objective method for gauging students' achievement. When students undertake a similar type of test yearly, both teachers and parents can track their performance to see whether they are improving, failing or stagnating at the same place (Brassard & Ann 291). Without this form of testing, determining the academic progress of a student would rely on distinct tests offered by different schools, that might not be reliable as teachers, and schools have a stake in providing positive results.
Standardized testing imposes accountability on schools and teachers. According to Columbia University, “the education system mandates schools and teachers to instill knowledg

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