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Proposal paper essay. History of Social Media Bullying (Essay Sample)


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* Introduction
For quite some time, cyber bullying has been discussed over the media, with most of the sources citing skewed approaches. This is a subtle problem and one that needs to be addressed sustainably. This is relative to the fact that, the social media is one of the most frequented platforms and has become a powerful tool among cyberbullies (Mineo). While the problem used to be associated with the teenagers, this is not the case anymore as even the adults are now culprits of the menace. People sharing sensitive information or disinformation on the platform against others is one of the most familiar ways. Given the high number of victims, this is a vice that not only has financial impacts but also social (Mineo). This is a vice that needs to be addressed at the victim level, social media platforms level, government and at the perpetrator`s level.
* Thesis statement:
For the social media bullying menace to be eradicated, it needs to be addressed in a multifaceted manner, by the victims, social media platforms and government.

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