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Problems With The Use Of Renewable Forms Of Energy (Essay Sample)


Please please please look this essay's requirement. Thank you! And i need analysis this article https://www(dot)gepowerconversion(dot)com/inspire/three-reasons-why-renewable-energy-so-important-power-industry. And i have been upload requirement.


Over the past decades, there has been a new chorus of voices calling for the elevated use of renewable energy sources. Some individuals believe that the use of renewable energy can be a holistic solution to the problems caused by the use of fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Unfortunately, a quite significant number of organizations and individuals continue to depend solely on fossil fuels as sources of energy. Some commentators believe that the enormous investments that have been made on renewable and alternative energy schemes are a huge mistake because the renewable energy sources cannot meet the incredibly growing demand for energy. The following will be an analysis of two articles that present the problems associated with the use of renewable forms of energy along with the description of the rhetorical techniques used in the articles.
‘The Real Problem With Renewables' is an article written by Robert Bryce and it presents the disadvantages of using renewable energy. The author declares that the use of renewable energy is not an effective practice because the renewable energy sources can hardly produce the vast quantities of energy and power needed across the globe (Bryce). The author also disagrees with the use of renewable energy because it is unreliable as the renewable energy technologies solely depend on the weather so that they can harness energy.
The author uses comparative analysis to support his argument and claims. For instance, he compares the power density of renewable energy sources to the power density of a non-renewable energy source. He illustrates that that power density of wind, which is one of the renewable energy sources, is about 6.7 W/m2 while the power density of natural gas, which is a form of non-renewable energy, is about 28 W/m2 (Bryce). Through the comparative analysis, the author coherently supports his argument since a source that has low power density demand too

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