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For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland (Essay Sample)


Select ONE of the literary works we have examined in this course and write an essay in which you discuss the role reason plays in that particular work. Possible questions to direct your approach: Is reason presented as solving (or creating) problems? In what ways are rational characters pitted against irrational ones? Be sure to refer to specific examples for support. Fully developed essay (intro., body, concl.) Be sure to refer to specific examples for support. in a standard font such as 12 point Times Roman or Arial. Remember, this is to be your perspective, supported by your own insight and notes—do not turn to authoritative sources outside the class. Since this is an essay, not a research paper with sources, documentation of the literature is unnecessary. I prefer the essays to be written in Microsoft Word format (not Ms Works, Wordpad, or WordPerfect). When saving your file (in MS Word, etc.) use the following format for file names, less the quotation marks: "[first initial][middle initial][last name][esy1]" (no spaces in the name--example: "djbumsteadesy1"). This will facilitate uploading the file to Canvas. Also, make sure you put your name on the first page of the essay.


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For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland
The author Jonathan Swift uses a lot of reason to present his ideas in his work “Modest Proposal.” In this particular work, Swift criticizes the government and the rich masses in an ironic and satirical manner because of their obvious efforts to ignore the plight of the people of Ireland who are living in abject poverty. Ideally, the author in this work employs the uses of reason to address the injustices in the society and possibly, he hopes to bring order in an otherwise disorderly society.
In Jonathan Swift’s ‘Modest Proposal’, it is true that the author presents reason as solving problems. For instance, Swift begins by describing the poverty situation in Ireland. This is seen when he talks about a country with “beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four or six children, all in rags, and importuning every passenger for alms”. The author is surprised and saddened by the fact that the rich people and the government of the time has little to no concern about these children of poor people in Ireland. He goes ahead to point out how rich landlords exploit the poor people with excessive rents without caring about they can afford the same or not. When they fail to raise the rent, their few possessions are taken. In an ironic way, Swift reasons that since there is no one to give these poor people hope, then their children should be fattened and their flesh sold to the rich as food. Con

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