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President John F. Kennedy Assassination Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Start the paper off on JFK background and what conflicts lead to this assassination. Then When did it happen? Who did it? Focus on foreign government organizations like Cuba or Russia. What evidences was there? Who was the suspect who killed JFK. What weapon killed him? Did they catch the hitman? Did this foreign government organization order this hit? What did this foreign government ruler have to gain from JFK's death? Conclusion,bring together all the main points that is made threw the whole essay then answer which government ordered the hit on JFK and how it was narrowed down to that conclusion. This must be a FULL 3 pages NOT 2 AND A HALF! Work cited in alphabetical order. Also every paragraph should flow nicely into one another and make sense to the very end. Thank You!

President John F. Kennedy Assassination
John f. Kennedy was born in the year 1917 in Brookline. He was born in an affluent politically linked Boston family of Irish Catholics. His parents were Joseph Kennedy, and Rose Kennedy and his father was a renowned politician. John F. Kennedy and his siblings enjoyed many privileges during their childhood such as attending elite private schools and having many servants. He went to Harvard University, and after graduating from the University, he joined the US Navy Reserve in the year 1943. He later got into politics and served in the United States House of Representatives from the year 1946 to 1953. He then served in the US Senate from the year 1953 to the year 1960. In 1961, he was elected as the 35th president of the US. It has been established that he was the first individual to be elected as the US president and the first Roman Catholic to serve in that office. JKF time in the office was marked by great tensions with communist states in the cold war. JKF promises to the citizens of US were not fulfilled as he was assassinated before he could even fulfill them
The assassination took place in the year 1963 in the month of November. On that particular day, Jacqueline Kennedy who was his wife and John Connally who was by then the governor of Texas had accompanied him and they were travelling through the streets of Dallas. When their car passed Texas School Depository Building three shots were fired from the sixth floor of the building and JKF became mortally wounded. JKF was rushed to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital but he was later pronounced dead. Research has established that Cuba government, which was controlled by Fidel Castro, was behind the assassination but instead employed Lee Harvey Oswald to carry out the assassination (Welsh). Lee Harvey Oswald being the main suspect was arrested by the police but later assassinated when he was being moved to another local police station. It is has been established that Fidel Castro was angry with JKF and that is why he wanted him eliminated. Fidel Castro was furious with JKF due to the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which was a military invasion of Cuba by a US CIA sponsored paramilitary group. The government of JKF planned the invasion so that the regime of Fidel Castro could be overthrown. Even though the movement was not successful in overthrowing the regime, Fidel Castro felt offended and that is why he retaliated b...
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