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Post-modernism Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Part I: The poets chosen for this week are among the leading poets of contemporary American literature; however, there are many others. Locate and read four poems by a Postmodern American author of your choice from the included list( I uploaded the list). How do you see this author as fitting into post-modernism? Be sure to connect with the poems you selected. Doing some biographical research may also be helpful. Be sure to share the link(s) to the poems you read.
Part II: One contemporary trend in poetry is known loosely as the "confessional mode," in which the poet's own life becomes an important element of the subject of his or her poetry. The three assigned poets clearly work in the confessional vein to some extent. How do they keep their poems from being merely about themselves? the three poets below are the ones being talked about.
1. Sharon Olds "First Thanksgiving"
"Still Life in Landscape"
"After Making Love in Winter"
"The Planned Child"
2. Linda Pastan "A Rainy Country"
"I am Leaning to Abandon the World"
"The Obligation to Be Happy"
"Why Are Your Poems so Dark?"
3. Larry Levis: "Signs"
"To a Wren on Calvary"
"Winter Stars"
Part III. You probably know John Grisham better from his novels than from his journalistic essays. In what ways does his magazine essay “Somewhere for Everyone”, included in our text, seem "fictional" to you--not necessarily fictional in the sense of things being made up, but rather in terms of style or writing technique?
it doesn't have to be super long sentences. it should be at least 200 words in total.


Charles Olson John Cage Robert Duncan Lawrence Ferlinghetti Barbra Guest Jackson Mac Low Philip Whalen Denise Levertov James Schuyler Kenneth Koch Jack Spicer Frank O’Hara Allen Ginsberg Robert Creeley Paul Blackburn John Ashbery Larry Einger Kenward Elmslie Ed Dorn Gregory Snyder Keith Waldrop Michal McClure Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) Ted Berrigan Diane di Prima Clayton Eshleman Ronald Johnson Gustaf Sobin Rosemarie Waldrop Kathleen Fraser Susan Howe Caroline Knox Bill Berkson Clark Coolidge Ed Roberson Fanny Howe Lyn Hejinian Joan Retallack Ron Padgett Ann Lauterback Michael Palmer Marjorie Welish Norma Cole Bernadette Mayer Alice Notley Anne Waldman Ron Silliman Rae Armantrout Steve McCaffery Bob Perelman Aaron Shurin Bruce Andrews Stephen Ratcliffe Eileen Myles Charles Bernstein Maxine Chernoff Carla Harryman Harryette Mullen Donald Revell Andrew Joron Cole Swensen Susan Wheeler Laura Mullen Peter Gizzi Claudia Keelan Sharon Mesmer Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Willis Edwin Torres Julie Carr Ben Lerner


Part 1:
Charles Olson: Charles Olson is a renowned essayist whose works have influenced many writers. The language utilized by Olson affirms that he is a postmodern poet. In as the Dead Prey Upon Us, he uses "car" and "automotive accessories." These are things invented during the postmodern era. The poems selected are found on the links below:

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