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Positive Effects of Computer Games (Essay Sample)


Now it is time to argue a position. For this project, you should choose one of the stakeholders from your Mapping the Conversations Essay whom you disagree with and want to persuade. You may not choose your classmates for this assignment, even if your issue is campus-related. The audience you choose should be currently indifferent, uninformed, or resistant to your idea or position. While you will use the information you discovered in previous projects as a foundation for this project, you must do additional research that will allow you to craft an appropriate and persuasive argument based on your position that is tailored to the audience’s expectations, background, and values. This will require more research about the issue and about the audience.


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Positive Effects of Computer Games

A computer game which is also commonly referred to as personal computer (PC) game is a form of a video game that is played on a computer. The modern computer games are easily accessible since they can be played from a variety of devices. The devices which are capable of holding the computer games include smartphones, the tablets, the laptops, and many others. Computer games target a variety of people of different ages. There are computer games that target the children, the teenagers, the middle-aged adults as well as the aged. The addiction and excitement due to the computer games render them the most popular and favorable games among teenagers and the youth. The games offer new challenges at every level, and most teenagers can do almost anything to achieve the highest level of the game. That means that they get immersed in the games and forget about everything in their surroundings. Therefore, the parents have become very concerned, and they think that computer games have adverse effects on their children overlooking the positive impacts they have on the development of a child.

From the parent's point of view, the children and teenagers become so attached to computer games such that they don’t even interact with their immediate environment. This problem has caused a conflict between the children and their parent since these children cannot help in household chores (Wu 51). Parents have argued that the emergence of computer games make their children lazy because they simply cannot do anything else apart from sitting and playing the games. Also, they also have argued that playing computer games can compromise the health of their children. The reason is that they just sit and watch instead of being actively involved in outdoor activities.
Another concern about computer games among the parents is that the children lack social skills when they get too much involved in the game. They have for a long time feared that their children would turn into antisocial behaviors because of spending a lot of time with their computers alone. Some games are developed in such a way that their setting invokes violence to the children. That has also been a major concern that the children will grow up to be irresponsible and violent people (Blades 26). However, the parent should realize that everything has both the positive and the negative side. When the cost-benefit analysis is done, it is found that the benefits of playing computer games among people of all ages outweigh the disadvantages as it is discussed below.

The main advantages of playing computer games are associated with improving the logic and the mental ability of a child. Problem-solving is one of the most critical skills that a person can develop. When a child plays such game as the Angry bird, the Incredible Machine and the Cut the Rope, he trains his or he mind to be creative (Ke 223). This creativity helps the child to come up with ways of solving a problem from an early age. The part of the brain of the child that is involved with logic and the decision making processes develops creativity which cannot be developed in school. These vital skills will help the kid to be a strong problem solver who can solve even more challenging problems in the future. The computer games involve the hands and the eyes of the child during the game. The coordination between the hand and the eye helps the child to gain spatial and fine motor skills. If the player is playing the shooting games, the player's character may be shooting and running at the same time (Martinovic 456). That means that the child has to keep a sharp eye on the screen of the computer while coordinating the hands to shoot the opponent. This kind of a computer game, therefore, facilitate...

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