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Position Argument (Essay Sample)

Specifics: Due: April 17, 2012 Length: 1,200 words Sources: 3 sources minimum Format: MLA documentation including both in-text citations and Works Cited list ESSAY 3 ASSIGNMENT Write a Position Argument that defends your position on a specific issue. (The journal reading is an example.) In this essay, you are working with values—is an issue good or bad? Right or Wrong? Consider the essay in Unit 2 (pp. 110-112) on late-term abortion and how it argues the writer's values. Also, within Essay 3, consider the opposing viewpoint—incorporate what we studied about opposing viewpoints in the Refutation in Unit 2. For help, see “Writing a Position Essay” on p. 120 in your text. Begin by selecting an issue that is important to you, and determine your position on that issue. Then, draft your essay by arguing your position on your issue. You MUST cite at least three sources, using MLA Format. REMEMBER, for EACH essay you write this semester: **You need a Title for your Essay. Consider: Your Purpose for writing, the Audience for whom you might write, and what you hope to convince/teach your readers. source..
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If there has been one hotly contested topic up to date, it has to be abortion. This topic is so controversial that whenever the topic is mentioned, a person`s mind immediately starts to take a position with regards to the topic. In the course of the topic, the debate has become so heated that the line defining the divide has been drawn. People today argue over whether it is legal to induce abortion or not. People who are against induced abortions are known as pro-life. This means that these people have chosen to attach the preservation of life as their main weapon in the debate. The other side of the divide is made up of the people who attach great importance to the freedom of choice. This group of people has chosen to push for the legalization of abortion on the grounds of choice. They argue that the decision to induce an abortion is just like any other decision a woman can make. With regards to the abortion debate, a person is either pro-life or pro-choice. The aim of this paper is to present the importance of life through arguing facts that support the pro-life choices. (Haney)
Induced abortion can never be justified. Just like murder, there is no reason that justifies taking away an innocent life. People should not be allowed to abort since this is as illegal as murder. If murder is illegal before the eyes of the law, abortion is no exception. Women who choose to terminate pregnancies, at any stage of the pregnancy, in whatsoever condition, are indulging in unlawful processes. Induced abortions are illegal due to the fact that an innocent life is lost in the process. The life being carried in the pregnancy - regardless of the state it is in, is still as important as any other life. Taking away this life is nor different from taking away the life of any other human being. (Alcorn)
Induced abortions pose a risk to the mother. Even when conducted in a medical environment, there are chances that an abortion will most likely ruin the opportunity of the mother to ever conceive again. Legalizing abortion will increase the chances of more complications for the women involved. If a nation is to remain productive, it is important to ensure that women in the reproductive age bracket remain reproductive. Since induced abortions are a major contributor to reduced productivity, legalizing this would be in bad taste. The nation`s productivity would be dented as the child baring chances would be reduced. (Herring)
From a religious perspective, it is wrong to indulge in induced abortions. In all religions, abortions are equated to murder. There is no religious where abortion is encouraged, even slightly. Legalizing abortion is creating a war between the church and the state. One of the best sources of the current laws and other governing principles is religion. If people should start diverting from the very basis of these laws through legalizing abortion, dark days of doom lie ahead. Legalizing abortion will also amount to nullifying all the clauses derived from the various religions. Since the establishment of law was dependent on principles from different religions, legalizing abortions would mean that the law is becoming separate from religion. This clause may spark of retaliation with regards to other sections of the laws that are concerned with religion. There are sections of people and groups within the population who are waiting for the legalization of abortions so as to embark on retaliation of other clauses in the law. (Alcorn)
Abortion should not be legalized because of the impact it has on irresponsible...
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