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Calvary Crossing a Ford by Walt Whiteman (Essay Sample)

Write an essay on these three poems Cavalry Crossing a Ford by Walt Whitman, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost, and The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens. Find examples of love and death and compare and contrast them by juxtaposing the texts. Use literary terms and quotes. source..
Calvary Crossing a Ford by Walt Whiteman
This Whiteman`s poem uses imagery to bring out the theme of love albeit lightly since love is not the downright theme in the poem. One way in which he portrays love is through sensory imagery, especially in the description of the Island. He describes it as green, which is a shining and vibrant color. He then describes the flashing armor of the sun shining upon the island. The sunshine denotes happiness and love in poetry. He further expresses happiness by describing the colors of the flag. These are the elements that try in a way to bring out happiness in the poem, without which the piece would have sounded sad. Additionally there is the use of movement which in a sense brings out love, with a line "arms flash in the sun;. Whenever there is movement of arms above one`s head it`s usually a salutation or a gesture of something exiting. The poet uses the alliteration when he says "flags flutter." The only flag that does not portray love and excitement is the white flag of surrender. The fluttering of this flag symbolizes love that is inspired by patriotism, considering that this was the union flag.
Despite the beauty from the scene that the movie portrays, there is an undertone which is in this Poem. One may be excused to read more happiness from the beauty from the land and waving flags and fail to realize that this poem is about a gruesome war; the Civil War in particular. A war that one wages against an opponent there is always the likelihood that there will be death. These "guidon flag" represents two opposing sides and it serves to distinguish the two opposing sides or forces. This kind of mindset was very prevalent during the civil war, where one was compelled to choose sides, and flags were used to distinguish ones comrades from the others, which was a matter of life and death. This is another way in which we can see undertones of death in the use of the river. They were crossing the ford to get them into safety, but below them was a river, so the soldiers could see their death, just like they do during the war. One mistake can hand them death, whether it`s in crossing the river or in actual war.
Nothing Gold C...
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