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Discuss how Edgar Allan Poe's short stories 'The Puriloined Letter' and 'The Man of the Crowd' fit into genre of detective fiction (Essay Sample)

Essay should be focused and arguementative, backed up by evidence from the primary texts and two secondary academic sources (books or referenced journals). In comparing these stories, focus on how two of the following narrative ellements contribute to one's recognition of the genre and to the readers experience of the narrative: story, organization, narration. In developing your arguement, explore how these elements work to present genre conventions in both stories, but also consider how they might distinguish these stories within the genre. source..
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Edgar Allan Poe`s Short Stories
Edgar is the obsessed with stories concerning crime in most of the narrations that he has written. In the two short stories though written at different times, there is huge attempt of explaining crime and detection. The writer is further interested on the drama bit that is behind the criminal activities that are taking place especially when such drama comes to light. Though most of the writing especially concerning crimes has been written with sole motive of uncovering the culprit involved, the detective genre has been transparently displayed. Poe can be the only person who happened to have discovered the detective genre. Through the crime-solving protagonist by the name Dupin who appears in the center of focus, the story was written before the word detective was actually adopted but Poe called the story a tale of ratiofication which was also a way of explaining the crime. The two stories are centered on crime and were actually very influential when they appeared American magazines in the 1840s. The tales has assisted in shaping the aspect of detective fiction which is some of the latter stories that were later written on detection. Many of the authors who wrote in the later works were all centered on the Poe stories which were a great source of inspiration and guidance. Among the writers is the Edogawa Rampo of Japan origin who borrowed many of the writing ideas from the works of Poe. The stories were influential due to introduction of aspects detective but the write did not actually exhaust on the ideas. This left a room of the remaining readers and writers to venture in the study and try and come up with a good explanation on the missing concept. The tales revolve around extra ordinary criminal activities, dramatic revealing of clues in scenario and variety of conclusions that are drawn, locked room scenario among other ways (Cornelius, Kay 100-200).
Poe goes ahead to pursue certain interests which actually take place in the modern crime scenes. The works on detective writing revolve around sexuality and race, social control and ethics, fear and psychology of conspiracy among others. The narratives however are not actually like the modern days narratives that are logically concise and precise and also smoothly executed. Modern readers may not view the stories as detective as the detective as the reader may wish to have the real taste but the truth is that the stories are actually written with a lot detective aspects which can only be traced by thorough reader who has quite substantial skills on matters concerning detective tales. In "The Purloined Letter;, there is a story that is narrated by Dupin of a young lad who had the ability to outdo each and everybody in the game, the boy used to anticipate the strategy of the opponent in the game via cleverness of the opponent (301-302). In the case of h letter, Dupin adopts the boy`s technique where he has to look f...
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