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Ballroom Dancing Made Me Famous Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Essav title
Center over introductory paragraph.
Additional Requirements:
One thousand word minimum / Include word count at end of essay
Underline your thesis
12 point font
1” margins on all sides
Examples of Narration / Description essays can be found on our Canvas site under modules. NARRATION
“Coming to an Awareness of Language,” Malcolm X
“Me Talk Pretty One Day,” David Sedaris “The Price We Pay,” Adam Mayblum "Mother Tongue," Amy TanDESCRIPTION
“On the Ball,” Roger Angell


Grading will be based on:
Vfvfdness of descriptions
. Basic sentence structure (proofread to eliminate fragments, comma splices, and fused sentences)
Quality of editing
Attention to assignment directions
To learn and practice elements of high-quality writing.
Understanding the assignment
Invention (Brainstorming)
Audience Analysis / Assumptions
Thesis development
Essay organization / Outline / Transitions
Revision and proofreading
To practice weaving the rhetorical methods (processes) into your writing:
Example s
Causes / Effects
Comparisons / Contrasts
Process Analysis (Instructions)
To learn and discuss rhetorical methods:
To learn and implement important writing strategies, particularly those that are essential for Narration essavs:
Telling a coherent story
Using a story to make a point or teach a lesson
Description essavs:
Using words to vividly describe the five senses
Using description to evoke compelling, affecting memories of other places and times.
Writing objectively when reporting or when writing scientific or technical essays

Essay 1: Narration/Description■
Assignment: Narration / Description Essay Rubric: Essav 1 Rubric Й
Points: 75 Due Dates:
First Draft: February 13, 2020 (Two printed copies are due at the start of class)
Final: February 18, 2020 (Submit on Canvas by 11:59 PM)
Schedule office hours or Learning Center visit (3 points extra credit)
This essay will be automatically submitted to
This essay should present a story (a narration) about a time in your life when you witnessed, participated, wish you participated, or regretted participating in some cultural group. Pop-culture groups such as sports, video gaming, dance, music, superheros, or artists, etc. can be use used for this story.
Write so your reader can picture the characters, places, and events in your story. Describe what took place in ways that help your reader feel how you felt when the event occurred (e.g. anger, shame, annoyance, embarrassment, joy, relief, resignation). Remember that the best narrations teach a lesson. What did you learn from the experience? Incorporate your narration’s lesson into your conclusion. When finished, create a compelling title for your essay.
When selecting and writing about your topic, keep in mind that a good story has a lesson. What is the lesson in your story?
When looking for content for your story, consider the definitions of culture you developed in an earlier class exercise. Here are key ideas from the definitions presented:
Cultivation (character, behaviors, values, etc.)


--J .......-«-.w...w.uwwujr OUUI I IlllCiU IV I Ul I IIUII.pDU.CUU.
groups such as sports, video gaming, dance, music, superheros, or artists, etc. can be use used for this story.


Students Name
Course Code and Name
Submission Date
Essay 1: Narration Description
Ballroom Dancing Made Me Famous
I had just joined college when the most memorable event in my life took place. I spent my first three days in school without a roommate. You can imagine all the silence, no friend and away from home. It was the first time in my life that I was staying away from my parents and alone. However, this did not last long, and I was joined by a new roommate, Alex. Life seemed to have gotten easier since I now had someone I could talk with and walk around the college together. I can say that unlike me, Alex was outspoken. A few days later, I realized that Alex had a sister in the college and so the environment was not new to her. Luck enough, Alex and I had enrolled for the same course, and therefore, we spent most of the time together. One evening, Alex's sister came to our room and wanted us to enroll in the ballroom dance competition. Did I have the chance to say no? Yes! But again, Alex was all the company that I got, and therefore, not knowing what ballroom dancing was, I had to enroll for the sake of being close to people. This was when the most unforgettable adventure of my life began.

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