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Plagiarism In The Classroom: Solutions & Recommendations (Essay Sample)


Topic: You have discovered plagiarism in the classroom. Not only is it going on in the class, but your peers have approached you to plagiarize. What solutions can you consider? What recommendation would you make?
Need three solutions, but this essay only needs to write one solution. The chosen solution is ”Report Plagiarism to the Instructor.“ and “Talk to the Plagiarist and Help them to Correct Their Mistakes.” you need to find out another solution。discuss why you pick this solution? Weaknesses, etc., have arguments, citation.
You can write "ignore it" or you can look for other solutions.


Professor's Name:
Plagiarism is an act which is not condoned in essay writing. It can lead to serious consequences such as suspension, poor grades as well as the cancellation of one's work. As a student in college, I have discovered that cases of plagiarism have been rampant. Many students do their assignments when the deadline is almost due hence they end up copying someone else's work or failing to acknowledge the sources that they have used. Some students recently approached me and asked me to engage in the act. However, I decided not to because I believe that plagiarism should be fought by all means possible. One of the solutions that I have come up with to shun cases of plagiarism is advising the plagiarists to maximize on the use of the various online plagiarism checking tools.
Students can use online resources to chec

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