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Philosophy: Descartes Ontology (Essay Sample)

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Descartes Ontology
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From his ontological perspective, Descartes appears to be a firm believer of God. He doesn’t fear to speak his mind concerning things that could be possible through God. For instance, he has talked about the essential truths and eternal life which were established by God the almighty. Descartes is also noted to stand firm in this belief by asserting that there are things which humans distinctly and clearly assume to be possible. According to Meseme, (1642) Descartes claims that there are beings who only exists through possibilities (Meseme, 1642, 211). Descartes also perceives that the almighty God can come with anything which he distinctly and clearly perceives as being possible.
In one of the replies to his comrades, he says that human beings ought to differentiate between the necessary and possible existence. I this sense, they must note that the possible existence is construed on the notion of all the things which humans distinctly and clearly understand. This necessary existence according to Descartes can only be possible through the idea of the existence of God (Chappell, 1997, 115).
In his relation with God, Descartes is popularly known for his triangle argument on the existence of a God. In this perspective, he says that imagining that God does not exist is the same way as trying to figure out a triangle which has only two angles or still in another perspective a squire which is a triangle which is not actually possible. Descartes also argues that imagining that God does not exist is the same way as figuring a mountain with no valley impossible phenomena.
Descartes classifies some kind of ideas that are in his mind in an attempt to evaluate the ones those that are proper bearers of truth and those that are not. Some of these ideas include images of objects, ideas, sky, God, volitions, judgments, and his emotions. In his own volition, Descartes says that ideas cannot be false. He elaborates this by giving an example that whether he is imagining a chimera, or goat, he is in both of these cases imagining these aspects. In the same way, when one desires something which may not exist, he or she still desires them anyway whether they are in existence of not. Hence, Descartes only worries in making wrongful judgments. As he articulates, among a major mistake which be located includes his judgment that the ideas that are in him conform or are similar to those elements that were outside him (Cress, 1975, 155).
Descartes goes to classify his ideas on the existence of God by their basis. While some of these ideas seem to be adventitious, that is caused by outside elements, others appear to be innate, and that is caused by things that are ones insight. According to his ideas, his understandings of such elements such thoughts, truth and thing emanates from a person’s own nature. For instance, viewing the sun, ...
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