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Persuasive speech Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Same topic as the research organizer and use the same reasons.



Instructor: Mutschler

Persuasive Speech Research Organizer


Clearly state your position on your persuasive speech topic:

Darwin evolution is wrong.





Clearly state your 1st reason:

The “warm little pond” theory that

he proposed to his friend Joseph Hooker was wrong.



Clearly state your 2nd reason:

The supposed simplicity of the cell

that he advanced was wrong.

Clearly state your 3rd reason:

He had wrong ideas on the information inside the cell

Evidence AND source:


Darwin gained hope from the idea of spontaneous generation, but this was later refuted by Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, and his results have been proven by experimentation and observation made over 150 years (Damer, 2016). The results show that life is supremely more complex than the imagination Darwin had.


Evidence AND source:

Darwin observed something primitive, but bacteria actually contain complex molecular machines.

Evidence AND source:

He developed the theory of pangenesis based on his belief in the simplicity of life. This was later proven wrong.

Evidence AND source:

The Miller-Urey experiment was conduct to give more insight on the origin of life. The experiment was rigged because oxygen was excluded and it would have ruined the findings (Burcar, Pasek, Gull, Cafferty, Velasco, Hud, & Menor‐Salván, 2016). Unlike Darwin, scientists conclude that there was oxygen when life first appeared.


Evidence AND source:

Bacteria exist in two types, and share complexity features like information storage, processing, and retrieval, and artificial languages and decoding systems. Darwin did not observe any of these.

Evidence AND source:

The type of information that is stored in the nucleus of a cell is a genetic language , contrary to the simple language Darwin thought cells possessed.

Evidence AND source:

There is no chance that life arose spontaneously from a warm little pond as Darwin argued (Deamer, 2016). The law of biogenesis states that life only arises from life.



Evidence AND source:

Darwin’s resulted were fabricated because until now, no evidence of a laboratory which has replicated a single human hair.

Evidence AND source:

Darwin did not give information on the complexity of the information in a cell. It has been established to be of complex quality, quantity, and complexity.


Clearly state the opposition’s position on your persuasive speech topic:

Archeology supports Darwin’s theory of the evolution of man since it shows how man evolved in different stages. His idea of natural selection is also supported by recent research.




Evidence AND source FOR the opposition:

Darwin’s idea of how natural selection works within species is correct and supported by recent research. This is done through anagenesis.




Clearly state your rebuttal ( the you-are-wrong-and-this-is-why)  to the opposition:

Some of the ideas advanced by Darwin, such as natural selection and use of lines to support his theory were correct. However, he got it wrong regarding everything he claimed to have proven through his theories and ideas. His ideas were based on assumptions, and recent studies have proven him wrong. For instance, his ideas on the cell being simple and the age of the Earth have all turned out incorrect. His theory of evolution also contains inconsistencies such as failing to account for the presence of oxygen when life started.





Evidence AND source for your REBUTTAL:

There is no evidence of Darwin conducting research in any laboratory, and no documentation to support the ideas and theories that he advanced. For instance, the only way he could have come up with reliable information on the cell structure would have been through a lab research. Although he used a crooked microscope, his findings were faulted.






DUE: Friday, March 27


Grading: 10 practice points



Use numbers and transitions between different parts of the speech so the audience clearly knows where you are in the speech
o My first, second, or final reason... o The opposition, however... o In conclusion...
Use a variety of types of evidence - don't rely just on statistics or just on experts - MIX IT UP Use transitions between different pieces of evidence o And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover,
besides, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only., but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way

A. Attention-getter: See your notes for the different types of attention-getters
B. Link
1. Introduce your topic and explain the controversy
2. Make it relevant to this audience while establishing a sense of urgency
C. Thesis and advance organizer
1. Clearly state your intention: I am going to persuade you...
2. Preview the number of reasons and list each one
A. Reason #1
1. Evidence
2. Evidence
3. Evidence
B. Reason #2
1. Evidence
2. Evidence
3. Evidence
C. Reason #3
1. Evidence
2. Evidence
3. Evidence
D. Opposition
1. State their argument using evidence
2. Rebut their argument using your own evidence
A. Restate your thesis and reasons
B. Make a specific CALL TO ACTION - what should the audience do now that they have heard your speech?
C. Refer back to your attention-getter


'Darwin evolution is wrong' is a theme that has debatable for a long time. This statement is both true and false, especially when it is subjected to existing pieces of evidence and arguments that have been proposed. I do believe that the arguments proposed on the concept of evolution are just two sides of the same coin.
Darwin's theory of evolution has faced criticism; the opponents observe that Darwinian proposition on evolution is wrong, citing several flaws that lace his evolution arguments. Darwin stated that all organisms developed through natural selection that is supported by favorable inheritance traits that support the capacity i.e. to reproduce, compete and survive. The evolution theory has failed to adequately answer specific critical questions.

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