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Personal Values as Exhibited by Choice of Topic and Places (Essay Sample)


Personal Values


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Literature and Language:
Personal Values as Exhibited by Choice of Topic and Places
Choice of Topic
In my letter to the CEO under the topic, ‘What can be done to prevent the company from failing stock sales, unauthorized access, and breach from happening again,’ I can deduce some personal values. Before I get down to the question of what my values are concerning the topic, I will start by defining what values are. Values are beliefs that are important to me that I use to determine my priorities. They act like the measures through which I establish if things are going the way I want them to (Daum, 2013). If I behave and do things in a way that align with my personal values, life becomes good. The opposite is true.
From my topic and my arguments, I can stress carefulness in me. The company had asserted itself that it is doing well. Looking at it clearly, I discovered that it might be heading somewhere dangerous in the future. That’s why I looked for ways of mitigating the risks at an early stage. I can also deduct decisiveness in me. I pointed out problems and decided quickly what can be done for instance the issue of unauthorized access by employees. I also find myself devoted to making my company sore greater heights. I am competitive; I noticed the problems, pointed out how they can be solved to compete effectively. Am visionary; I want the best for the company, and I want it not only to dwell on what is at hand but also in the future. Preparedness is my value too. The topic I chose was to prepare the company for the future.
Choice of Place
The love or choice of places depicts our values. In my case, I chose Alexander Hamilton Custom House, which shows my traditionalism. I am conservative when it comes to traditions. The House, starting from the name; preserves historical moments. Alexander Hamilton is a historical figure remembered for his contribution to the development of the United States. The other value I can deduct from the choice of the place is that I am economical and very dynamic. The building is a commercial building originally built for the purposes of housing customs that were collected at the port of New York. Besides, it served a number of commercial purposes, but hosting customs was the most notable commercial activity.
The architecture of the building attracted my eyes and thus shows how detailed I am. The building is very detailed. The constructor, Gilbert collected details from all over the world and put it down in designing the building (Priest, 2017). One element of this is the diversity and togetherness which the building still depicts. The building served a number of activities which brought people together. I love harmony, and this is one of the reasons I chose the building. It shows how harmonic I am.
Choice of Topic of Interest
Increasing the reputation of a business is another topic of interest. The survival of a company depends on its reputation. The company has to build its reputation for the benefits of consumer preference, the value of the market in the future, the support of the company whenever controversy or crisis arises. The choice of this topic shows that am a visionary. It also shows that am very careful when it comes to ...
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