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Religion, Faith, and Life. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


list 3 people whose lives and writings you encountered, why do they inspired or challenged you most in your understanding of religion, faith, critical reason and life? Why?
Please use additional sources if needed.
1, Martin Luther King, Jr.
2. M K Ghandi
3. Sam Harris


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Religion, Faith, and Life
Different religions have different ways of expressing honor and respect to deities. Today, religions function as universal institutions that unite humanities on matters of social life, spiritual life, and providing a moral direction on how to live and interact with others. Different religious leaders have played various roles in shaping the moral foundation of a given community. After reading two of Luther’s works and his speech titled “I have a Dream,” I think that his work has transformed my understanding of the role of religion in the community. Harri Sam's "Letter to a Christian Nation" and Gandhi's book, My Religion, have also increased my understanding of faith and religion. This paper is a reflection of what I learned from the readings and how they challenged my previous knowledge of religion, belief, and contemporary issues in society.

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