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Pedro Paramo (Essay Sample)

It doesn't necessary have to be exactly about this topic, it can have more questions among this one, or if the writer can think of a better question that is fine too just so long as he/she tells me the topic/question beforehand and I approve. Outside resource may be used, but stay focused on the book, and don't just summarize, put a lot of "analyzing" into the paper. But here is an option for the topic: Don Pedro is a complex character. When the reader is introduced to him as a young boy, he is dreamy, innocent, and consumed with love for Susana. Over time, however, we see Pedro commit evil acts without regards to the feeling of others. Based on what you know about tragic heroes,do consider Pedro a tragic figure? Why or why not? Use specific examples from the text and compose an essay. source..
Name of student Subject and section Name of professor Date of submission Ambiguities in Pedro Paramo Juan Ruflo`s Pedro Paramo is one of the widely read and analyzed novels in many Latin American countries and even in countries abroad. The exact art of Rulfo`s novel, however, had often confused many readers and analysts alike. The book seems to be very ambiguous that it is difficult for a reader to understand it without rereading the book. This ambiguity, on the other hand, both confuses and uplifts the interest of the readers. In this article, we are to look at about three ambiguities that many readers may not seem to understand. First would be the first question as to who Pedro Paramo is. Was he a selfish man who deceives and cheats the people around him? Or was he simply a confused boy who in time learned how to shield his heart from any pain and in doing so he instinctively inflicted pain—both physical and emotional—to the ones around him? The second ambiguity is the question as to who is dead and who is alive in the novel. Were they all dead? Or was "death" used as a literary tool and not to be taken as what it really is? In short, was it symbolizing for something? If it did, then what was the purpose of Juan Preciado`s death? Finally, the third arising ambiguous thought from the book is the very relationship of the characters to each other. One example of such confusing relationship would be Bartolome San Juan`s relationship to Susana. Were they involved with each other sexually? In expanding and addressing these so-called ambiguities, we could then comprehend on the said novel despite providing answers that might contradict each other or be completely different from one another. Pedro Paramo Readers would usually have the idea that the story of this novel would deal on the character of Pedro Paramo. This is why, more often than not, readers tend to force themselves to answer who Pedro Paramo was. Was he a tragic hero or the mean villain of the novel? Whether Pedro Paramo was a hero or a villain, we could still assert ourselves that the novel was entitled as such since the story revolved around Pedro Paramo. In fact, the story began with him wherein Juan Preciado stated "I came to Comala because I had been told that my father, a man named Pedro Paramo…" even though he was not the one stating the story itself. We then now know that the novel Pedro Paramo was entitled with the name of the character since the stories of the other characters revolved around him. Still, we are left with the question of who Pedro Paramo was. Was he a selfish man who cheats or a man in pain who does not know how to relieve himself from the pain except from inflicting pain? In the majority of the story, Pedro Paramo was described as a cruel and selfish man who seems to cheat his way out of things to get what he wanted and needed. One example of Pedro`s deceit was with his false proposal of marriage to Doloritas Preciado so that his family`s debt to Doloritas`s family would be void. In here, he had commanded his administrator, Fulgor Sedan, to ask for Doloritas hand: "Then tomorrow I want you to ask for Lola`s hand.; "What makes you think she`ll have me? I`m an old man.; "You`ll ask her for me…Tell her I`m very much in love with her…; Of course, we already know that "…tell her I`m very much in love with her…" is a lie that Pedro conjured up so that he could pay for his family`s debt. However, even without the issue of the debt, Pedro`s line would still be difficult for a reader to accept as the truth since from the very beginning, Doloritas or Lola had already introduced her loath of the man with her final words to her son: "Don`t ask for anything. Just what is ours…Make him pay, son, for all those years he put us out of his mind.; From that line on the f...
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