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Big Food Exhibit at Pea Body Museum (Essay Sample)

I need a Essay on the Big food Exhibit at the Yale Peabody museum in new haven you can look this up online and you will find the exhibit up there, there is also a short film that can be watched online also. source..
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Big Food Exhibit at Pea Body Museum
Food is a basic need and fundamental to life. Technological advancements have changed the eating habits of people. Globalization has opened up the world to a global village. This translates that people are able to commute to different parts of the world. This has led to the rise of the multicultural society where people of different cultures coexist. This has altered the eating habits of people. People are learning from one another on the eating habits making them complex beyond simple needs in nutrition.
People have turned to eating junk food that is unhealthy in the long run. There is need for people to watch out the eating habits and lifestyles, as well. Sedimentary lifestyles have led to obesity, excess weight and diseases related to the lifestyles. The world has become competitive in nature and people want things that happen fast (Roman para 2). Fast foods are prepared fast, bought within short timeframe and has more taste. Consumption of junk food is addictive and unhealthy, the disadvantages relating with junk food resonates with low nutrition and high calories.
Junk foods have lots of fats, sugar, salt and preservatives ultimately causing diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and obesity among other diseases (Roman para 3). Junk food has become one of the global challenges especially to the young generation. Fast foods relates to pizzas, chips, biscuits, bread and cereals among other products. It is very vital for people to avoid eating junk food for a healthy living. Obesity has challenges outweighing malnourishment.
Big food exhibit starts by visualizing on the amount of food consumed by an Am...
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