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Paranormal Events in Galveston (Essay Sample)

This is to be an argumentative essay. I need for you to proof read and make corrections to my essay. I also need for you to add a page. Please make corrections to my paper as you see fit. We have to keep the essay on its current path. My teacher has already view this essay and had made a few suggestions for me to correct in which I did. All of the ghost topics are from Galveston,Texas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. source..
Marisa Madden
Professor Everett
English 130-106WE
4 November 2012
Paranormal Events in Galveston
Paranormal events are real and can happen anywhere, although prior accounts of paranormal events at a certain location may influence someone to assign a special significance to unusual events experienced in that area. In America, according to USA Today, Galveston is one of the cities with many reported paranormal events (Moore 1). Some of the ghosts which have been found to inhabit Galveston Island include “The Face” on the wall of a building, a ghost of a woman on the fourth floor of the Railroad Museum, and the ghost lady of Luigi’s restaurant.
If the paranormal events that have been reported in Galveston are taken into account, there is no doubt that this phenomenon is real. One of the most reported incidents in Galveston is that of a ghost commonly known to many as “The Face”. Apparently, it appears on the fourth panel of Ewing Hall building which is owned by the University of Texas Medical Branch. On several occasions, people noticed the strange face on the fourth panel of the Ewing building. In fact, the entry to this Wing of the building is highly restricted to avoid causing commotions and anxiety. Brown writes that “The Face” keeps on reappearing on the fourth, third and second floors of the Ewing building. Attempts to remove “The Face” from the walls of this building have failed. Mysterious circumstances surround these attempts. According to the information provided by the buildings caretaker, sandblasting crew worked for two days in an attempt to remove the image of the face from the fourth panel. While work was under way, a number of accidents occurred, including the collapse of the scaffolding (Brown 1). Amazingly, after repainting the walls of the fourth floor panel, the image of “The Face” reappeared but on the walls of the third floor panel three weeks later after the painting work had been completed. For the second time, workers sand blasted and painted over the image of “The Face”. Astonishingly, the image of “The Face” moved to the second floor panel of the building where it resides to this day, and at...
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