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Paradise Lost By John Milton (Essay Sample)

The relationship between innocence and knowledge. source..
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Paradise Lost By John Milton
The tree of knowledge as a result schemes to lure Adam and Eve to transgress. Uriel warns Gabriel and the angels who are watching over the entrance to Paradise, that a number of wicked spirits had broken away from hell and crossed the threshold to Paradise in the form of a fine angel. Gabriel takes on two mighty angels to flick through Adam and Eve, for fear that the wicked spirit may cause some damage to them while they are asleep. While they guard on them they come across Satan next to Eve`s ear in her dream persuading. When they rise up early in the morning, Eve explains her disquieting dream to Adam. This paper tackles how knowledge is displayed and used throughout the book "Paradise Lost by John Milton;.
Raphael is sent by God to caution Adam and Eve concerning Satan, and to make them unforgivable by putting them in the picture of their open will and the opponent within reach. On Adam's appeal, Raphael tells them about the account of the way Satan turned to what he had become; the way he was the most favorite angel in the eyes of God and later turned against Him and remunerated a battle not in favor of God in heaven and the way the son of God, the Messiah threw Satan into torment, and how Satan influenced his multitude to do as he commanded. He depicts the battle in heaven and the victorious come back of the Messiah after the scuffle. Raphael continues to give details on how the humankind was formed so that man could take the place of the descended angels, CITATION Joh77 \l 1033 (Milton).
Satan goes back to world, and crosses the threshold as a serpent that was sleeping and gets Eve unaccompanied and talks to her in gratifying voices. He puts in plain words that he become skilled at vocalizations and motive, none of which he had knowledge about before, by eating a fruit of a specific tree in the Garden of Eden. Eve requests the Serpent to take her to the tree, and discovers that that the tree was the prohibited Tree of Knowledge. The Serpent employs his tricks and disagreements to persuade her to eat. Eve is contented with how it tastes and on purpose thinks of whether or not she should take the fruit to Adam so that he too could taste of it.
She takes the fruit to him and explains to him how the Serpent convinced her to eat of the fruit. Adam is taken aback at the beginning but out of the love he had for Eve, the only woman that God created out of his own rib to accompany him in the garden, he gives himself in and tastes the fruit as well hence adhering to her in her upshot. Consequently, their innocence is mislaid, they immediately realize that they are naked and they start to lay blame on each other. The warden angels go back to heaven, disappointed by the failure of man, and the Messiah, God`s Son comes down on earth to judge the living and the dead in the world and punishes each of those that have sinned in accordance, CITATION RUT53 \l 1033 (RUSHWORTH).
God gives instructions to his angels about what changes and modifications that ought to occur in heaven and on earth for the reason of everything that had happened. Adam expresses grief of his doom as he starts to recognize his descended state. He refuses to be consoled by Eve though when she insists Adam pardons her. Eve recommends that they commit murder; however Adam takes her back to the promise of God that they will bear children in pain and their offspring will be hated by the Serpent. Angel Michael and his cherubim was sent by God to deprive the two of a kind from Paradise of Eden, but foremost makes the future incidents known to Adam awaiting the great flood that will come as a result of their sin, CITATION Mic05 \l 1033 (Cummings).
Angel Michael tells them that the seed of the woman will be the Messiah who as promised to the world will come to redeem the hum...
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