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Owning Exotic Pets (Essay Sample)


Argumentative Essay
Thesis: Owning exotic animals can cause an endangerment to the animal, to the owner, and to the community. 
Background info: household pets/cats, dogs, farm animals. What's an exotic pet? Care of exotic pets.
2 Deadly attacks from Exotic animals (ex:woman killed by pet black bear, Norman Buwalda killed by pet tiger.
*Impact of people buying and selling. ex: risk of contacting disease. illegal trades.

Owning exotic pets
Course title:
Owning exotic pets
Having pets could make the owners to experience enrichment and joy. There are so many benefits associated with keeping pet animals. For instance, spending quality time with these animals or simply caressing them has been shown to reduce a person’s blood pressure. Dog owners also tend to have a more active lifestyle (O'Neill, 2012). Nowadays however, people who are not interested in keeping a domestic cat or dog have expanded their notion of pet animals to comprise more novel animals for instance big cats, reptiles, parrots, and even non-human pirates. Including such exotics into the home as pets could actually have devastating consequences to the animal itself, their owners, as well as the environment. Thesis statement: owing animals which are exotic may cause an endangerment to that animal, to the community in general, and to the animal’s owner.
Exotic pets are captive bred animals that have not been selectively and intensively bred for life with human beings: they are animals which have not been tamed and are mostly native to developing nations (Scott, 2014). The rarity and wildness of the exotic animals are actually what entice those who buy them. The result is that animals which have not been wired for centuries or even millennia to live with human beings are today living with human beings. In the exotic pet trade, most of the animals are removed from regions that are environmentally sensitive for instance the rainforest. Usually, capturing animals from the wild and selling them entails killing the mother so as to take its baby. This serves to increase the rate of extinction of most animals which are already considered as endangered. Additionally, some reptiles and birds have a mortality rate which could reach 60% - 70%, an...
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