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The Best Way to Love: Socrates and Plato. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Part III – Essay Question /40
Select one and only one of the following options as a topic for a short essay. Your answer should be no more than 500 words.
Now is your opportunity to express your own ideas. Be sure to engage with PLATO, when you provide your evidence and arguments.
You might want to take some time to write yourself a small outline before writing the essay itself.. Remember to plan a thesis, text interpretation, arguments / evidence, an objection, and a reply.
• What is the best way to love?
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The Best Way to Love: Socrates and Plato
Love has always been an exceptional topic for every human being. We have always admired how powerful love is in every aspect. Of course, the very first idea that comes to mind when we talk of love is the romantic connection between people. Whenever we find a chance to talk about love, we would always find ourselves thinking of or looking for someone with whom we passionately connect. Though, if we widened our perspective, love is more than romanticism and partnering with a significant someone. Love is between children and parents, friends, humans and animals, humans and nature, and all kinds of relationships there are on earth.
Socrates' idea of love, to be general about it, is to ascend from something in an attempt to reach what we admire (Reeve). 

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