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Open Letter For Betsy DeVos: Education Chances (Essay Sample)


1. Mention DeVos a little bit more(her action, her idea, what she support & what she against, the part maybe she needs to think about/change), do some research on her.
2. Explain the case a little bit more(like what happened/what is this case about; influence)
CASE: Regents of the University of California v. Bakke' case of 1978
Be careful of “facts”--to be more convinced, explain, use some examples, analyze
3. What I can do (some suggestions) counterexample, add some suggestions.
4. Does this(reverse discrimination) really happened, give some analogous examples.
This is an open letter to Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education in the USA. I want to talk about inequality education chances for races and how to improve it. In this essay, it's about before black and latine or other races are not have the equal education chances, but through some reforms situation become better. Right now, it seems like black or minority have too much benefit in education selection, like colleges are lower their standards when the students are black or latino; and how am i suggest to Betsy to change this situation.


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April 5, 2018
Dear Ma'am DeVos,
For almost a century in our history equality, liberty, and the promise of the American dream has been achieved by many people through the policies which bind these promises into reality. Whether it be in terms of career opportunities, security, and education, the policy of Affirmative action has helped us to become stronger and fight for the sake of what our forefathers envisioned for our nation. However, despite its utmost effectivity, I believe that we must also be able to recognize and adapt to the dynamic environment which we live in. These days, instead of being a gift for the youth, this policy has become more of a way to discriminate others, particularly in spite of their merits. A repressive and unequal system has come from what was a beacon of light for most American youth. From this, I will discuss some points that I believe are the main causes of this disparity and inequality. After this, I will give some of my humble suggestions on how could we change this system, and once again uphold the principles that led us to where we are at right now. All in all, I believe that while Affirmative action did effect monumental changes in the country's education system, it's stagnancy during the present-day system requires it to be changed to what is truly in need – educational access for the poor.
Education is viewed by many as a symbol of equity as well as hope. Schools can simply be described as the engines or the propellers of equal opportunity in society. Ma'am DeVos, it is only through education that people from all walks of life will come together and unite in their arguments. Ma'am, it is indeed through the power of education that the oppressed will rise up in power and knowledge and demand their freedom. Education is the pillar of this nation and of the world. Every person and child in the world deserves the opportunity to be who they wish to be and education is the gateway to opportunities. However, Ma'am without quality education for everyone, it will indeed be quite difficult for the country to move forward as a unit.
While in Michigan, Ma'am you vehemently lobbied and worked hard to ensure and prevent any proposals of oversight of charter schools in the state of Michigan. However, looking at recent data proves that charter schools have a big problem. Racial inequality, especially towards the African American youth, is quite an issue there. Apparently, charter schools have higher than normal rates of suspension compared to public schools with the African American students being the highest recipient of these suspensions. As it is, the country is divided into different aspects but I believe it should not be the same in education.
However, Ma'am, your proposal for school choice could indeed lead the country towards more segregation instead of delivering it from it. School choice has been hotly contested and debated and critics believe it will only lead to more funds getting siphoned from public schools. Ma'am DeVos, I believe it will indeed help to consider ideas which will help to promote the idea of equity and not blindly lobby for one which simply aims to outwardly extol an idea while neglecting the real task. School choice is not something that will promote educational equity and Chile is a good case study.
As we all know, the policy on Affirmative action was conceived during the administration of President Lyndon Johnson, between the years of 1963-1969. This policy was pushed forward in line with the series of Civil Rights initiatives aiming to bolster racial equality amongst the whites and the blacks during the time. As legislation, the po...

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