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Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens. Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll Essay (Essay Sample)

Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll Both “Oliver Twist” and “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,” although extraordinarily different kinds of texts, present Victorian counter-worlds: one of a criminal underground run by schemers, pickpockets, prostitutes, and murderers, the other a fanciful realm run by a Mad-Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and an angry Queen. Compare and contrast these two works. How do these two works create wildly different, but in some ways similar (after all, both Oliver and Alice are extremely curious and competent children) child-protagonists? source..
The novels 'Oliver Twist' and 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' present Victorian counter worlds. In certain situations, the society is controlled by criminals, schemers, pickpockets, prostitutes and murderers. There are two child-protagonists in the two novels: Alice and Oliver Twist. They are brought up in wicked environment yet they are curious to know what is taking place around their world. This article tries to examine the comparisons and contrasts between the challenges faced by Alice and Oliver Twist in an effort to understand their world.
Comparison between Oliver Twist and Alice in Wonderland
Both Alice and Oliver Twist are treated horribly and of ten insulted by other characters in the respective novels. For instance, Alice is made to feel miserable and confused about who she actually is. Consequently, the Wonderland is not really a wonderful place to stay in. People and creatures in the wonderland are violent and rude to her. This is evidenced when Alice is at the Duchess’s house at the moment when the cook is hitting her with pans and pots. This causes Alice to scream and ask the cook to mind what she was doing, causing her to jump up and down in agony and terror.
Oliver is also mistreated by the people who take care of him after his mother has died. He is brought up with little food and low comfort. Mr. Bumble removes him from the baby farm and makes him work as oakum picker in the main workhouse. The boy works with very little food and stays in the workhouse for six months. Due to the gravity of his situation, he decide to demand for more in the next meal by coming foreword with a bowl in his hands and demanding "Please sir, I want some more". This causes an uproar in the workhouse and the gentleman who administer the workshop asks for anybody who is willing to take Oliver as an apprentice for five pounds. When Oliver is taken to Mr. Sowerberry's place, his wife develops dislike for him because their marriage is unhappy one and her husband seems to like him. He is tormented by another apprentice, Noah Claypole and Sowerberry's maidservant who is in love with Noah. When Oliver falls out with Noah because he had insulted him about his mother, Mrs. Sowerberry takes Noah's side and assists him beat up Oliver and compels her husband into beating Oliver again. This makes Oliver weep while he is in his room for the night, an act he had never doe before since his babyhood. As a result he decides to run away wandering towards London.
The creatures in Wonderland also make Alice feel like she does not really know what she knows. They insult her and make he feel like she does not know herself. For instance, the Duchess makes her confused when she says, “You donna know much and that’s a fact" (Carroll, 61). Rather than helping her about what she knows, this only makes her unsure of what she already knows. They downgrade her because of her knowledge and the way she is u...
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