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How Okonkwo Father Made Him How He Is: Things Fall Apart (Essay Sample)


It's a melelelcon paragraph (the main idea with three quotes and explanations and a conclusion) to show how Okonkwo father made him how he is. Also to prove that Okonkwo is violent, abusive, and unsentimental u need to find the quote that from the book named" things fall apart"


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Things Fall Apart
The book Things Fall Apart narrates the life of Okonkwo who was a respected leader of the Igbo people, members of the Umuofia tribe. However, despite his demeanor and external attitude towards others, the story presents a deeper explanation as to why he acts in such a way. Particularly speaking, it shows that in spite of showing no fear towards anything, Okonkwo is terrified of the possibility of him becoming like his father who is “lazy and improvident and was quite incapable of thinking about tomorrow” (Chinua p.3.). Even when he was a child, he was teased by his playmates referring to his father as an “agbala”, which me

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