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Oklahoma Teacher Walkout: Wage Shortages (Essay Sample)


No plagiarism, double space, how and why the Oklahoma teacher walkout is happening, 3 sources, Casual analysis essay.


Oklahoma Teacher Walkout
The Oklahoma Teacher Walkout this 2018 was the latest teacher strike for 30 years. The main reason is all about the demand to increase the salaries of the teachers who are now feeling the pressure of inflation and monthly civic charges (Pasquantonio, n.p.). These teachers raised a social concern over their wage shortages that prompted them to shut down several schools across the State of Oklahoma. Students are concerned with the proliferation of teachers who are now protesting on the streets. The protest is causing regular classes to be either delayed or postponed, affecting the learning potential of students (Cohen, n.p.).
In response to the Oklahoma Teacher Strike of 2018, State Senator Joseph Silk made a statement that there has just been a new law granting a $447 million tax increase for the Oklahoma Teachers (Pasquantonio, 2018). This means that the Oklahoma teachers will now expect a significant change in their salary increase. The recent passage of the tax increase allows teachers to receive $10,000 or more annual salary increase for the next coming months. However, there are teachers who are still uncertain and will still continue their civic activity against the state if their wages will be raised by the public officials who are capable of granting their social concerns (Blanc, n.p.).
Factors affecting Walkout
1. Socio-economic Factor: (Blanc, n.p.) indicated that the pressure on increasing inflation is now affecting the personal lives of teachers. The growing inflation is now causing their savings to deplete. This is due to the increasing prices of rent, food, transportation, and other basic commodities. Teachers are clamoring for higher basic pay because their current wages could not support their socio-economic lifestyle. There are a significant number of teachers who are concerned about how to stretch their budget to pay for their monthly financial liabilities. These are the monthly payments for their rents, food, transportation, and civic services. They have no extra income to purchase teaching materials that should have been vital for their teaching profession.
2. Political Factor: The Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma grants Bailey and company, which are Oklahoma teachers who had their demand for the salary increase affirmed as the case of Bailey v. Independent School District number 1-29 was then arraigned (Justia School Law, n.p.). The problem is that this case did not apply to all Oklahoma teachers having the same problem. One example is the lack of provisions on having an additional social service applied for the teachers. These are hazard pay, maternity leave, sick leave, and insurance benefits that are still yet to be passed by the State. Teachers are worried that they could face uncertainties in their professional career due to these gaps (Blanc, n.p.).
3. Health Factor: Oklahoma teachers are concerned that the current provision on the pending tax increase affects their physiological and physical integrity. This is because teaching needs physical and physiological energy to teach students to become future leaders that are believed not implemented by the Oklahoma Department of Health (Justia School Law, n.p.). The problem, in this case, is the physical exhaustion. Teachers st

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