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Ocean Pollution: A System Of Rotating Ocean Currents (Essay Sample)


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Ocean pollution
Ocean pollution remains a big problem, and as scientists advance methods to detect the levels of pollution many authorities can now warn the public in advance about coastal ocean pollution. Different living organisms require water to survive and the destruction of marine environments through pollution affects many other environments. While pollution from ships and oil spills receive much attention, ocean pollution mainly comes from common human activities including industrial chemicals, farms, sewage and discarded trash. Even in runoff from land surface there are many invisible contaminates both biological and chemical pathogens that pollutes the ocean environment and are harmful to marine animals and humans. The lack of comprehensive laws on addressing ocean pollution makes it difficult to save marine environments, ecology and animals.
There are different aspects of ocean pollution with the main focus being plastic trash and chemicals that affect the marine environment. Huang looked at the impact of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, which is accumulated trash that has been concentrated in the Pacific Ocean. The author used a critical framework to examine the effects of trash in marine environments, focusing more on the experiences and conceptualization of marine pollution among Asian Americans. Entanglement is one of the most common impacts of the plastic debris that affects the marine environment even resulting in the death of animals. On the other hand, Zeng, Chen and Zhuang, sought to determine whether there is a relationship between ocean pollution and acidification. This article was more scientific since it focused on the marine environment and factors that affect changes in marine animals and surroundings.
Huang pointed out that human beings have changed environments irreversibly through technological advancement and human activities. Human engagements have not always had the desired effects is realization as the volume of ocean pollutants affects the way people utilize the oceans. For instance, in Hawai‘i, there has been entanglement of plastic debris that this can explain even how human activates how activities affect the oceans. The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch has affected Asian communities living along the Pacific Ocean, and the way people understand the environment in the Asia- Pacific region can help explain how they view debris entanglement.
A system of rotating ocean currents (gyre) explains how large plastic debris is concentrated on plastic islands in the Pacific Ocean. In the case of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch in the North Pacific, where plastic debris and microplastics have been found in different sports where marine animals and fish at times mistake the garbage as food. If the system of rotating ocean currents was absent, it is unlikely that the plastic debris would be concentrated in specific zones. However, the debris is now found in islets and islands where it is more likely that they cannot move, and this has long-term consequences for the marine environment. The presence of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, points to the devastating impact of human activities on the marine environment.
Focus on how different people address oceanic waste provides insights’ on how they plan to address the issues. In Asian American studies, the Pacific Ocean plays an important role in cultural production (Huang 97). For instance, the existence of the Garbage Path has partly been attributed to neglect, disregard and at attempts of erasing the importance of the Pacific Ocean to Asians . Huang (99) links the Garbage Patch with the racializaion of plastic, which explains inequalities in the Asian American population. Asia is connected to America through the Pacific Ocean, which is para

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