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O'Brien's Purpose Or Your Thesis / Claim For Things They Carried (Essay Sample)


Write 800-1200 word essay stating a claim about O'Brien's purpose or your thesis/claim for "Things They Carried."
Support your claim with evidence (quotes) from the story, your ideas, and experiences throughout a 3 paragraph body.
Conclude with a restatement of your thesis and O'Brien's purpose and whether O'Brien achieved his purpose. MOST IMPORTANT: what literary methods did he use to convey his purpose to you, the reader.


O'brien's Purpose or Your Thesis/Claim for "Things They Carried."
Soldiers always face various challenges while at war. Some people have documented the challenges that soldiers face at war including how they change their characters and become tougher as they face various difficulties that tortures them both physically and emotionally. He has used the first person narration to give the audience the clear image of what it means to be a soldier and has employed flashbacks to indicate the effects of the war experiences on the soldiers. Tim O'brien is one of the people who have documented the truth and misconceptions that surround the experience of war. The experiences and the challenges that they face during war is what makes them stronger to keep fighting and face the enemies each day. The O'brien's claim about war experience is true.
O'brien's first claims that new soldiers have difficulties in balancing the love for their families and friends that they leave behind and the war. Most of the soldiers' carriers with them photos of their girlfriends, and wives as well as other people whom they cherish most in their lives. For instance, Jimmy is still disturbed by the memories of his college girlfriend who he left behind while going to war (Bascom 115). More so, when Lavender dies, Jimmy blames himself for his death and even weeps most of the time but most of the weeping is connected to the memories of Martha who was his girlfriend. Martha sends him photos and letters frequently at war and he even wonders if Martha is still a virgin. All these memories keep him restless.
Another truth about t

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