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Obama Romney compare contrast (Essay Sample)

In a 4-5 page paper written in MLA format, you must analyze either a candidate or a political issue. If you profile a candidate, you need to discuss his views on at least three issues such as jobs, healthcare, military spending, etc. If you select an issue such as healthcare, you must compare and contrast each candidate's policies on the topic. As this is an academic paper, you will need to ground your topic with source information and provide consistent commentary on the significance of your observations. You must use at least three sources. Appropriate sources include, but are not limited to, newspaper or magazine articles, books, internet sources (user discretion is advised) and articles from journals. Your essay should have the following qualities:  An engaging hook and thesis statement that clearly states your assessment of the candidate's policy or the varying policies on one issue.  Brief summaries of your sources that make logical connections to your thesis statement.  Body paragraphs that contain topic sentences that make supporting points.  Consistent commentary on the significance of the candidate's platform/policy and its effect on society, culture, American ideals, etc. (“so what?”).  A satisfying conclusion. This is not a mere summary of your points. Include where we go from here. Why does this topic matter? source..
Obama and Romney
The fact that good leadership is at the core of a country’s economic sustenance and growth cannot be disputed. This is defined by the ability to mobilize and use resources in a sustainable manner. Ultimately, effective exploration and use of the resources contributes significantly to improving the quality of life of the citizens. In their quest to attain American presidency, Obama and Romney have presented to the public their positions regarding various contentious issues. A critical analysis of these enables the public to make an informed decision regarding whom to vote for. Undoubtedly, the population chooses a candidate who is supportive of their best interests. Obama’s approach to critical issues pertaining to heath care, military spending and gun control laws indicates that he has the interest of Americans at heart.
One of the issues that have been emphasized on and which is critical to the wellbeing of the nation is healthcare. Generally, the entire public believes that a healthy nation is more productive and better positioned to address emergent challenges with ease. Previously, this sector has been compounded by a host of controversies. Therefore, positive reforms need to be implemented and enforced accordingly. In his previous leadership phase, Obama initiated significant reforms in the health care sector. Currently, a significant percentage of Americans enjoy affordable healthcare services that are offered in a timely manner (Jones 27). Basing on his agenda, he wishes to expand these reforms in a bid to safeguard the health of the American population. Fundamentally, health reform efforts offer the American population two options. These include government led health care that is characterized by higher taxes and insurance led healthcare that allows relative companies to run operations without rules (Jones 31).
Obama believes that the two extremes are wrong and compromise the ability of the population to enjoy health services. His Obama-bidden plan advocates for accessible and affordable healthcare for all facets of the population. Specifically, Cigna Health Insurance cites that it focuses on strengthening employer coverage, enhancing accountability of insurance companies and ensuring that patients are allowed to choose their doctors as well as the care they require without any form of interference from the government. The inherent independence addresses the complications that are related to bureaucracy. Most importantly, it contributes significantly to enhancing the quality of healthcare that is provided to the Americans.
According to Minute Help Guides, Obama appreciates the importance of patients in the healthcare system (29). In this regard, he strongly advocates for patient protections such as allowing coverage in instances of pre-existing conditions and preventing the insurers from cancelling policies whenever their patients fall sick. His plan...
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