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Literature Gandhi, Paradise Now and The Battle of Algiers (Essay Sample)

i will be adding a file with the assignment CLient added: please include 2 pages for each of the four questions an 1 page of a timeline on the holocaust, thanks so much source..
Gandhi, Paradise Now and The Battle of Algiers are all politically and/or historically-based. Alternatively, "Raging Bull and Million Dollar Baby" are sports drama focusing specifically on boxing and the lives of the boxers beyond the ring. Making the transition from the former to the latter was initially difficult, since the two seemed quite at odds.
Gandhi, like Paradise Now and The Battle of Algiers, is a film about people who were ready to give their lives to fight against the current government, although they all did this in their own different ways. Gandhi held non-violent and non-cooperation campaigns that were of unprecedented scale, as he coordinated millions of Indians nationwide in opposition to the British colonialists; in Paradise Now, Said and Khaled fight for their liberation of their country though Said has a personal vendetta against Israelis and in The Battle of Algiers, the FLN guerrilla insurgency fight against the French counter insurgency. Conversely, both Raging Bull and Million Dollar Baby were about boxers who live for the boxing ring and their lives after they can no longer fight.
The contrast offered by this categorization is arguable. In spite of the contrasting backgrounds and motives of the characters, one thing is clear: they are all trying to do their best to make their lives better. They fight for this betterment on the battlefield, on the streets, or in the boxing ring. Therefore, they two types of movies are more similar than they first appear to be.
These movies explore the psychological states of the protagonists in the following way: Ganshi, Khaled and Said are all prepared to die, so they do not have any regrets, while on the other hand La Motta and Maggie are prepared to get hurt as they fight in the ring, but not death. Therefore, they do not live their lives to their fullest especially La Motta, who makes many decisions that he regrets in the ring, like acc...
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