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Review Writing Assignment On The Novel Frankenstein (Essay Sample)


The first para only need one sentence including thesis statement and complex sentence. This essay only need 3 para. About frankenstein, it is a book, you should source from iBook. It is a app.
It can be 1.5 pages, does not have to be perfect
this essay can only have source is the book of frankenstein in ibook app, it is a blue book. the topic is about science, don't use the other source, the source only have one, it is the book of frankenstein in ibook app. the quote should put in para, not separate. If the writer uses quote, he should use mla and put the page of the book of frankenstein .
this essay don't need conclusion, only three para.

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Literature and Language
02 April 2017
In the novel, the author makes a story about why people should not try to do God’s role because it could be painful. The novel’s main character, Victor Frankenstein, creates a living monster and that is how he plays God in the story. Frankenstein becomes too proud about his work until it destroys him and his loved ones. There is a use of irony in telling the story to magnify the distaste science has while the story of Frankenstein took place. If Frankenstein knew how to take care of the person he brought into the world, no conversion would occur.
Frankenstein gained too much pride and this affected himself and others as well. He has the desire to become God and he thought that making a new creature would be beneficial to him and others would bow down to him. Frankenstein says: “It was the secrets of heaven and Earth that I desired to learn.” He is unaware that by doing this and keeping it a secret from others will have consequences. There is a theme of secrecy in the novel while Frankenstein tries to play with the forces of nature. According to Shelley, the creature Frankenstein created eventually turns into a monster and kills several people. The main purpose of the monster’s killing spree is to seek revenge because Frankenstein abandoned him. The monster was left alone in a world that is so hostile that he did not find anyone to lov...
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