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The Notion Of Time Traveling As Immoral (Essay Sample)


16. Is the concept of time travel immoral? Things to possibly consider: Should we use science to improve our pasts as well as our future? If we have the technology, if we work to achieve greater abilities that seemed to be, at one time, reserved for a “divine creator,” should we use them for the personal betterment of our lives? Should we improve our world's future by “fixing” the “mistakes” of its past? Explain and defend your position.


If the only possible way to stop a serial killer from killing and harming innocent people is by killing him while he was younger, is it morally right? How about if the only conceivable means of preventing the destruction caused by atomic bombs during World War 2 is by avoiding its inventor, Leo Szilard from being born, is it ethically acceptable? Several questions might come into our mind when we talk about morality and ethics in response to time as a dimension. Maybe, since the beginning that Einstein discovered how time serve to be bidirectional and can be affected or manipulated by the presence of gravity, and the time that H.G. Wells told the story of science fiction in time travelling, most of us wonder how could it be beneficial for us to change the past and foresee the future in order to establish a blissful and an ethical society in the present. However, if we critically examined, is time traveling really possible? If so, is it morally correct to control our fate in accordance with our own will and not by the Lord's even if it's for the sake of the entire humankind? In this article, the notion of time traveling as immoral will be discussed and clarified. Certain prerogatives will also be provided to support the thesis and justified how time traveling becomes immorally unacceptable.
Should we improve our world's future by fixing the mistakes of its pasts? Most of us might intend to answer yes if time traveling is really possible. Of course, as a human being, we always wanted to be given an opportunity to change our fate in order to withdraw ourselves from pain, abuses, devastation, and death. Who among us would like to suffer from extreme casualties of the world? In fact, different people have different opinions in regards to the grandfather paradox. There were people who would say that they would rather assassinate Hitler when he was still young to avoid millions of Jews killed from his over domination and the execution of his power. However, if we come to think of it, does an immoral act of killing justifiable if it's intended to save more people's lives? The scriptures revealed that it was still immoral and an act against divinity. As what the bible mentioned in Romans 12:19, “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Thus, this simply emphasized that God was serious about the conservation of social order. He clarified how he has his own verdict for those people who committed murder, hence if we also do so in the case of time traveling, we are no longer

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