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Argue that Nick is a reliable storyteller. Why should we believe the tale that he tells since he does omit events or parts of them, contradicts himself, and lies about events and other characters? (Essay Sample)


Instructions included. 6 paragraph essay. Editing list is required


Nick Is A Reliable Storyteller
Over the years, scholars and experts have analyzed the Great Gatsby to determine whether Nick carraway is a reliable storyteller. By reading the novel, one can understand why the question of reliability in storytelling is raised for Nick. He portrays himself as an individual of certain traits, but as one reads through the novel, his character changes as he becomes more biased. In this essay, I will attempt to argue that Nick is a reliable storyteller.
Nick is an individual who is driven by the will to do the right thing. He is not concerned about advancing himself with material wealth. For example, when referring to Tom and Daisy, he says, "They were careless people, Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and . . . then retreated back into their money . . . and let other people clean up the mess they had made." (Fitzgerald 170). Nick does not want to be viewed in such a light even though he hangs around people like Tom and Daisy. Instead, he wants to be viewed as a person who is honest and good at what he does. Thus, from the beginning of the novel, he presents himself as a competent individual, which is important because it helps the reader learn the novel's main lessons on American identity, the American dream, and materialism. Nick excels at being a reliable storyteller because he emphasizes that people can still achieve the American dream despite the different lifestyles people may live. To him, the American dream does not necessarily mean becoming wealthy. It means doing what you love and being competent at it. It does not matter if you choose to be a carpenter or a mechanic; you can still achieve the American dream.
Nick maintains that he is not materialistic. However, he later contradicts himself when he travels to engage in a bond business. Conducting this business allows him to integrate into the lives of the wealthy. Still, rendering Nick unreliable would make him no better than other characters such as Daisy and Buchanan. The latter over-indulge in their possessions and fortune. All the other characters in the novel are also defined materialistically. Their success is defined by what they have accumulated in terms of wealth. For instance, Gatsby is defined through his lavish parties, a large mansion, and expensive clothes. And he believes that it is these things that will attract Daisy. Daisy is also defined as materialistic. At one point, Gatsby says, "Her voice is full of money" (Fitzg

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