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Research Nicholas Kristof Our Blind Spot About Guns (Essay Sample)


Write an argument for or against the author's position. You need to have a clear and arguable position and convincing evidence. I don't need complicated vocabulary. The essay should be easy to understand for a fresh year student.


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Nicholas Kristof “Our Blind Spot about Guns”
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January 25, 2018
The issue on Guns control is perhaps one of the most debated issues in America. On one hand, proponents of the act state that by implementing safety regulations on gun manufacture, distribution, and use, the number of deaths could be reduced significantly. On the other hand, opponents of the act point out that since “guns do not kill people, people kill people”, then guns are important because they provide the “security” needed by individuals especially in times of danger. In the article written by Kristof, he discussed how America as a nation, tends to favor the latter, rather than the former. That is, a lot of bills that have been passed aiming at imposing strict regulations on gun use have been watered down, if not vetoed, by the lawmakers themselves. While there are a lot of reasons behind it, one of the main reasons is that the weapons industry in the United States is deemed to be very profitable, with estimates saying that last 2016, there were “seven million people each own an average of 17 guns, and some reported owning more than 100 individual firearms” (Enochs). Nevertheless, as Kirstof stated in his article, there is no need to actually confiscate guns, but rather impose strict regulations on who can use it and how to use it. In the succeeding sections, I would discuss why I agree with Kristoff's argument and why guns should be allowed to civilians but “strictly regulated” within the nation.
The Politics behind Gun Laws
One of the reason why a strict implementation of gun control fails to happen is due to the shift in power between different political ideologies in the state. Even though both of the parties respects the “right to own and use firearms”, as envisioned in the Second Amendment of the constitution – stating that each individual has the right to bear their own firearms – each of these parties have different views on how to deal with this “right”. On one hand, the Democrats supp

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