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New York by E. B. White & Kickflipping New York by Akiko Busch (Essay Sample)


A comparative essay about “Here is New York” by E. B. White and “Kickflipping New York” by Akiko Busch.

Comparing “here is New York” by E. B. White and “kickflipping New York” by Akiko Busch
The study focuses on the article “here is New York” by E. B. White and “Kickflipping New York” by Akiko Busch. Mr. White writes his story grounded on a perception that he develops from New York based on observations. He vividly describes New York, what makes people come to the city and what defines their success in the city. On the other hand, Busch gives his view of New York, what drives people to the town and circumstances that people go through in the city. In one way or the other, the opinions of these two authors differ. Henceforth, the similarities and differences act as a vehicle towards the writing of this comparative essay.
White is confident that any person who wants a reward in New York can offer the gift of confidentiality and solitude (White, 2). As per Mr. White's observation, the residents of the city are strangers who have hauled of prizes in other residences and come to New York, pursuing fulfillment or reservation or in search of a greater grail. However, it is uncertain whether the folks will be lucky. Reliant on luck, the city can fulfill an individual or destroy him ((White, 45). Thus, making your dreams in New York is a dream that can come to be a reality or vision. Hence, the chances are that an alien in the city can be successful or fail a condition that White views as largess. In his acuity, within the town, bounty accounts for the existence of a sizeable population; since the occupants of the city are to extent strangers waiting for luck. Besides, he argues that no one ought to live in New York if not enthusiastic for luck (White, 261). Thus, representing those who are well off in the city as the lucky ones, while those suffering as the unlucky ones.
Busch says that everybody comes to the city through different paths (Busch, 3). In contrast to Mr. White who argues that residents of the city are strangers pursuing the fulfillment of their luc...
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