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Neo-classicism And Romanticism: Style I Relate With (Essay Sample)


Question: Do you think you fit in better with the philosophy of the Neo-classics or with the Romantics? You may see yourself as completely one or the other, or perhaps you are somewhere in the middle. You need to discuss where you fit and why. You need to show a clear understanding of the group(s) you identify with and use specific examples from your life to support your position.
Method: Two-three pages, 12-point, correct MLA format, correct style, correct grammar. The first person is required for this essay.


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Neo-Classicism and Romanticism

I have always loved literature and over the years it has helped me understand what style I relate with most. From my experience, though I feel that I am more of a romantic, I also have some elements that I can relate to neo-classics.
One way that I relate to Romanticism is through emotion (Armaghan et al. 61). In romanticism, sentimentality is essential to help express one’s feelings. This means putting my heart before my head. For example, from an early age, I have always enjoyed romantic stories and recreations. For example, I enjoy literature books and watch movies that focus on sentimental things and emotions of the characters. When a story has such a moving ending where a man or women follow his/her heart, it makes me feel that the piece was exquisite. In romanticism, intuition is essential as opposed to a deduction (Janion 45). I love when a storyline has a powerful storyline and loaded with emotions such as falling in love. This is what makes me a romantic because I feel that it is important to go with the gut feeling and not use reason all the time.

Another important aspect that makes me a romantic is because of a love of nature. In romanticism, something is beautiful when it matches the beauty of nature (Armaghan et al. 60). For me nature is everything and I do not need to read about it to know that it is beautiful. For example, I am part of various volunteer groups that advocate for the preservation of nature. I believe that nature should be protected and preserved for the survival of future generations. When I encounter programs focusing on nature, I only see the beauty and something that is truly wonderful. I always feel a connection with nature and this is why I advocate for its preservation by any means necessary. Nature is beautiful and should not be rationalized, because by just looking at it, I feel connected.

I also relate to romanticism because I believe in the celebration of the individual. Ideally, with romanticism, the achievements of others, even outcasts are viewed as heroic (Armaghan et al. 61). For example, when I think about the individual, this relates to how I view the story of Frankenstein. When I read about Frankenstein, I do not see a monster, b

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